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What Does This Monster Hunter Kanji Shirt Say?

You found a cool looking Japanese kanji shirt. But if you don’t understand what it says, do you still buy it? Well, maybe you should ask somebody who knows Japanese language.(*’▽’)/ I’m not sure what the writing on the front says, and I don’t really want to buy without checking what it means. Yay! That’s the spirit! I want you to understand what your shirt says, especially when you are buying it as a gift. Well, I see 河童蛙 and ヨツミワドウ on this shirt. The Meaning of Kanji on a Monster Hunter T-Shirt Thank to you mentioning about “Monster Hunter” in your email, I could find out what they are …

Monster Hunter t-shirt

The Meaning of the Makeup Symbol for “Monster Hunter World”

A New game is out! It’s called “Monster Hunter World”. Hunters catch big dinosaur-like monsters in the jungle. I love this spectacular atmosphere. However, creating a new character is always WORK! Then I already got a kanji question from a player who is working on his character! Thank you very much. What is this symbol of the Tattoo Makeup for “Monster Hunter World”? Thank you for the question and the photos! The Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo for “Monster Hunter World” You can see that Chinese-like or Japanese-like kanji symbol face tattoo in the “Makeup” section when you create your character. I think they designed this tattoo based on the …

monster hunter world meaning of the tattoo
New Japanese kanji shirt

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