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Japanese Culture Behind Midousuji’s Poetry-like Lines”Yowamushi Pedal”

Season 3 of “弱虫ペダル (Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line)” is on! Are you watching it?  In the episode 7, I found one thing I should talk about. Midousuji (御堂筋) got the second place on the Day 1 of the road race. He was pissed off about that result and he was biking like crazy in the dark to calm down himself. Did you notice that he was muttering something weird while he was biking alone? “In spring, at dawn…” …Huh? What? If you were a Japanese expert, you might have noticed that it is the parody of “The Pillow Book 枕草子 (makura-no-soushi)”. What is “The Pillow Book”? “The Pillow Book” is written …

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Japanese Kanji Shirt 忍耐 Patience

Wearing a Kanji T-Shirt is cool. But if you understand the authentic information about what you wear, you can impress everyone. On this page, you can make sure this Kanji Shirt is right for you. Table of Contents Basic Info about This Kanji Who Should be Wearing It Examples of Qualification Designs Available 忍耐 Patience Kanji Shirt: Basic Info Japanese Kanji: 忍耐 Pronunciation: nintai Spelling Variety: nintai, ninntai Meaning: Patience, Endurance Category: Motivational Slogan Image of this Kanji Word: Calm, Diligence and Stoic The Japanese kanji word “忍耐(nintai)” means “Patience”. “Nintai” comes thierd in the set of one of the most famous Japanese slogans for success, “努力(Great Effort)”,”根性(Guts)” and “忍耐(Patience)”. 忍耐 …

Japanese Kanji Shirt Patience

Japanese Kanji and Culture in the World of “BORUTO”

Naruto’s son Boruto finally became a Shinobi (that is what Ninja are)! To receive the very first mission, Boruto’s team visited the office. Japanese Kanji in the Entrance of the Headquarter Office for Boruto I see the Naruto World Words 上忍(Jounin: High Class Ninja), 中忍(Chunin: Middle Class Ninja), 下忍(Genin: Low Class Ninja) on every floor. On the ground level, there are escalators that seem to be directly connected to each floor. The signs above all gates on the left side include “入口(entrance)” and the right side ones say “出口(exit)”. These Kanji “入口” and “出口” are everywhere in Japan, so just you know! The Japanese kanji words like “総合案内(Sougokuannai: General Information)” …

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Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll for BORUTO

Kakashi’s test was fun.(*‘∀‘) Now, Boruto and friends are officially ninja! By the way, I noticed there are some Japanese Kanji on the scroll that Wasabi was using for her special Ninja Art “Cat Cloak”. Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll In her scroll, we can see 3 circles contains some kanji characters. The middle one that she used was 三毛(mike) and it means “3 Colors of Fur”. It’s gone in 2nd picture because she used it. Other kanji letters are 斑 and 野良(They are upside down in the picture above.). 斑 means “Spots”. 野良 means “Stray” here. Did you notice that? Apparently these kanji characters seem to …

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Japanese Culture at Restaurants in Japan

FOOD and DRINK are the highlights during Japan trips. There are a crazy amount of choices to eat in Japan but not everybody can go to fancy restaurant every night. So, where do the normal Japanese workers go for reasonable dinner and nice selections of the drink? The Answer is “Izakaya Restaurant”. In Japan, “居酒屋(izakaya)” is a very common and popular place to eat dinner. It is Japanese style pub. Adults can enjoy a drink and options commonly include rice wine and reasonable small Japanese (or any kind of) dishes. Typically, there are so many izakaya restaurants around train stations in the cities for Japanese office workers, just like the …

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The Japanese Joke on the Bottle for “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”

“Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid(小林さんちのメイドラゴン)” is a very cute show. Does anyone want to try Tohru’s tail meat?? …She keeps saying that it’s sweet and creamy…!(◎_◎;) By the way, here is one question about the show from viewer. I see some calligraphy on the green bottle that Kobayashi has. What does it say? Ah-hah! You are talking about this bottle, aren’t you? Thank you very much for asking me a question! Japanese Culture behind that Green Bottle First of all, Japanese people notice this is obviously a “一升瓶(isshou-bin: 0.47 gallon-bottle)” of rice wine. 升(shou) is the measuring unit that is used to use in Japan before the metric system got adopted. Even today, …

Japanese Kanji in Anime

The Real Secret of Saiyans for Dragon Ball Super! Everyone is a Vegetable

Caulifla… is “Cauliflower”! Kale…is “Kale” as it is! Many viewers of the popular anime “Dragon Ball Super”, must realize that Saiyans’ names are based on vegetables. And that is true. Traditionally, all Saiyans’ names are related to Japanese or English names of vegetables, when born on there home planet Sadala(an Anagram of Salad). Other Saiyans: “Vegeta” is a prince so his name is literally Vegetable “Kakarot” is a Carrot “Brolly” is a Broccoli “Cabba” is a Cabbage “Raditz” is a Radish ”Bardock” is a Burdock. It’s a type of root veggie ごぼう (Gobou) in Japanese. Some names are translated differently and that made it harder to figure out the vegetable origin though… in …

The Secret of the Super Beast Scroll for Sai & Inojin

Sai for “NARUTO” and his son Inojin for “BORUTO” can use a special ninja technique “Super Beast Scroll”. It can make beast pictures real. So, they draw a huge bird to get a ride or tigers to let them fight. By the way, did you know that the model of the Super Beast Scroll exist?? Super Beast Scroll is called “Chojugiga” in Japanese If you watch the show with English subtitle, you constantly hear that Sai or Inojin says “Cho-Ju-Giga(超獣戯画)”. The Japanese kanji “超獣戯画” means…超(super), 獣(beast), 戯画(caricature/ancient style cartoon). So, basically it fits the English name “Super Beast” Scroll. However, to tell the truth, it took years for me to …

Japanese Kanji and Culture

What was the Paper that Soma gave Eizan? Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Oh, my god. A lot of things are going on after the Moon Festival in “Shokugeki no Soma”! Now, to save the dome, Soma decided to have a shokugeki against the 9th of the Elite 10, Eizan.  By the way, does anybody wonder about this scene?? What is the Paper that Soma is Handing to Eizan? Soma is handing something to Eizan, right? Then, nobody explains about this at all! If you can read a part of Japanese calligraphy in a flash and you catch what it is, you are very sophisticated Japanese.(@_@)/ …Yeah, Japanese calligraphy is super hard to read sometimes but this first kanji is “果” that I can …

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Is My Tattoo Correct?: the 7 Virtues of Bushido

Tattoos are awesome. I want to have one eventually. But I can’t decide what I should have. Today I’ll answer the question about a popular Japanese kanji tattoo. Thank you for contacting KansaiChick!(*’▽’)   I have the unfinished tattoo that’s supposed to be the 7 Virtues of Bushido. I’m curious if what I have was even correct. Oh, I see. I know what you tried to get. the 7 Virtues of Bushido from “Bushido: The Soul of Japan” 義 (gi: Righteousness) 勇 (yuu: Bravery) 仁 (jin: Compassion) 礼 (rei: Respect) 誠 (shin/makoto: Integrity) 名誉 (meiyo: Honor) 忠義 (chuugi: Loyalty) It’s supposed to be this set, right? This is from the famous …

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