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Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo in Ep: 281 “Fairy Tail”

Do you want to get a kanji tattoo? It’s cool! But be careful! I see so many Kanji Tattoo sample pictures online and sadly most of them are wrong. Well, today, I’ll answer the question from a follower! It’s about a Japanese kanji tattoo on an Anime character’s head. Thank you for being patient! What does this Kanji Tattoo mean? He is a bad guy in Ep.281 of “Fairy Tale”. Thank you for the question! And I appreciate the pictures so much! They make my job way easier.(*´Д`)v Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo in “Fairy Tail” OK. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy got captured and they are in the prison. Here …

Differences between Names in Different Japanese Scripts

If you watch Japanese shows, you may notice there are 3 scripts in the Japanese language. Even some character names sound exactly the same, some are written in Kanji, and other are written in Hiragana or Katakana. Why?? If you have ever had questioned that, you are not the only one! I received that question from a follower! What’s the differences between Kanji and Hiragana(or Katakana) names? OK! Let me explain about the basic idea! (*’▽’)/ Differences between Names in Different Japanese Scripts Kanji (漢字) Names Kanji came originally from China. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people usually never understand each others languages at all, but they use some of same …

Why does the Pronunciation of Japanese Kanji Change When Reading Names?

I think the Japanese language is difficult. Even when we master certain things like some pronunciations and meanings of kanji, that knowledge might not be useful every time when we read Japanese. So, let’s learn about it together! I share a kanji question from a follower today! (*’▽’) Why do these changes happen in certain japanese surnames? 矢 (ya) + 島 (shima) = 矢島 Yajima 赤 (aka) + 川 (kawa) = 赤川 Akagawa 目 (me) + 黒 (kuro) = 目黒 Meguro 尾 (o) + 田 (ta) = 尾田 Oda Wow, that is a great question!! I guess so many people learning the language are wondering why. (@_@)?? The Answer is …

Secret of Katakuri’s Move: Japanese Culture in “One Piece”

I love mochi! Some people call it “Rice Cake” and it’s basically smashed sweet sticky rice. Mochi is a common food in Japan and there are many traditional mochi sweets and mochi dishes. By the way, why am I talking about mochi? Because I got an interesting question from a follower. Why did Katakuri put an orange on Mirror Mochi? Katakuri is a certain type of starch that Japanese people use for cooking. And also Katakuri is the name of Anime character for One Piece! Obviously the author named him after the starch. Well, thank you so much for the question!! …It doesn’t seem to be a question about Japanese …

Japanese culture in Anime

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Iida Tenya “My Hero Academia”

Choosing kanji to name your own child is big deal in Japan! And I’m glad some people are interested in that Japanese culture for Anime character’s kanji names. Thank you for the request of the explanation! What is the meaning of the kanji name “Tenya Iida”? Most of the names of characters for “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)” are presenting their quirks. But his name is a little special. Because finding out the meanings of each kanji doesn’t make any sense. Meanings of Each Kanji “Iida Tenya” His name “Iida Tenya” looks like this 飯田 天哉 in Japanese Kanji. 飯田 (Iida) is a common last name in Japan. The first kanji 飯 …

meanings of kanji name My Hero Academia

The Secret of One Punch Man: All Japanese People Notice

We are all waiting for the premiere of “One Punch Man Season 2”. But just in case you didn’t know let’s talk about the origin for the show. One Punch Man’s original Japanese title is ワンパンマン (wanpanman). “Wanpan” is  a shortened form of “One Punch” that Japanese people pronounce this English word. And there is one thing almost all Japanese people can notice about the title. When Japanese people hear the word “ワンパンマン (wanpanman)” for the first time, they doubt their ears. “Huh? Did you say Anpanman??” That’s how deeply seeded this is in Japanese pop culture. What is the Origin of One Punch Man? Yes, Anpanman was there first. Wanpanman (One Punch …

Japanese Culture behind Anime

Meanings of Kanji in the Burger Shop for “BORUTO”

Boruto loves burgers. We’ve seen that constantly since episode 1 of “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”. In the Boruto’s world, there is a famous burger shop “雷バーガー (Kaminari Burger)”. The kanji “雷 (kaminari)” means ”Thunder”. And I bet some viewers are already familiar with this one, because it is one of the Nin-jutsu element. You can see the lightning on the burger shop logo. Meanings of Kanji Decorations in the Burger Shop On the windows, we see the kanji “肉 (niku)” which means “Meat”. The author seems to like rectangle kanji tags and we see them everywhere in this show, and this restaurant has some too. There are on the partitions, …

meanings of kanji in anime

The Secret of Recovery Girl for “My Hero Academia”

In the popular Anime today “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”, there is a cute little grandma character who is the school nurse of UA High. She is obviously old, so she dares call herself “the Youthful Heroine” Recovery Girl. Recovery Girl’s Name in Kanji and its Meanings Her name is 修善寺 治与 (Shuzenji Chiyo) in kanji. The kanji word “修繕” means “Repair” and the next letter “寺” means “Temple”, which is included in some actual Japanese last names. The first kanji of her first name is “治” and it contains some meanings like “Cure” or “Heal”. Then the second one is “与” which means “Give”, “Grant” and so on.  The Meaning of …

Japanese Kanji Joke and Meanings in My Hero Academia

One Piece Ep.504: Ace’s Kanji Shirts Meanings

Finally, I’ll talk about Ep.504 of One Piece! This is the last one of the series! Let’s learn about the meanings of the Japanese Kanji Shirts which young Ace were wearing in the show. If you missed the first article about “Ace’s Kanji Shirt” series, you can jump to it from this link.  One Piece Ep.496: Ace’s Kanji Shirts Meanings One Piece Ep.504: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #1 Ace’s Kanji Shirt #1 in episode 504 is “光線(kousen/kosen/kohsen)”. The first kanji “光” means “Light” and the second one means “Line”. So, this idiom gets translated into English like “Ray”, “Light Ray” or “Beam”. Light? Beam? …Is it only me now that Kizaru(Borsalino) …

young Ace and kanji shirt

Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll Part 2

Chu-nin examination is right around the corner and all new ninja are working so hard to get the  qualification. The 3 girls’ on Team 15 are also doing good and we had another opportunity to see Wasabi’s Cat Technique. (ΦωΦ) Meow.  Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll Part 1 According to her line, now I’m sure that her art is using the cats’ abilities and the variety of cat matters. However, this time even I had a hard time to figure out some meanings of the kanji on her scrolls! Kanji in the Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll In the scroll, there are some circles lined up and kanji …

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