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What’s the Difference between Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce (しょうゆ, 醤油, shoyu) is a standard seasoning in Japan and so many people consider it to be there favorite seasoning. Soy sauce is  the liquid which is squeezed out from fermented mixture of soybeans and wheat. Today, we can find it even at a local market all over the world. In this page, we will learn the difference between Japanese soy sauce, and useful information to compare the similar products. Table of Contents Categories and Tastes of Soy Sauces Koikuchi Soy Sauce (こいくちしょうゆ) Usukuchi Soy Sauce (うすくちしょうゆ) Tamari Soy Sauce (たまりしょうゆ) Saishikomi Soy Sauce (さいしこみしょうゆ) Shiro Soy Sauce (しろしょうゆ) The Information You Find on the Bottle of Soy Sauce …

What’s the difference between Miso Paste?

Do you know what Miso Paste is? Miso Paste (みそ, 味噌) is a traditional Japanese fermented seasoning. Globally, it’s drawing attention as a healthy food and now it’s easy to find miso paste options all over the world. In this page, you’ll get a better understanding of the information written on Miso Paste’s package and what you should compare when choosing what to buy at the market. Miso paste varies widely depending on the manufacturer, so it is very difficult to judge which one can be your favorite. I hope that this knowledge of analyzing English or Japanese information written on the package, will help you to decide what your …

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