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Myojo Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba instant noodles Reviews

Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba is one of the most popular instant noodle bowls, that anyone can buy at a super market or convenience store, which began in 1995. This is non-soup type of instant noodle, so we drain out the pre-boiled water before we add the included seasonings into it. The bowl is a square container, and always comes with special mayonaise for topping. The pouch of mayo is very well-designed, so anybody can squeeze out nice thin mayo lines for the topping easily. Table of Contents Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba Trivia Why did they name it Ippeichan? What is Yomise? What is Yakisoba? How to make Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba Open the Lid Half Way …

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