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How to Make Lower Sodium Healthy Miso Soup

Miso Soup is a very healthy food that’s been proved by so many studies. But I bet that a lot of people didn’t bother trying it because of the high sodium content that’s contained in Miso Paste. In this page I’ll show you how to make lower sodium healthy Miso Soup. Table of Contents Why is Miso “Healthy Food” even if it’s Very Salty? How to Reduce Sodium of Your Miso Soup Use Natural Japanese Broth When Making Miso Soup Add More Ingredients and Make Less Soupy Add Potassium-rich Foods Cook Ingredients Before Adding Miso Paste Don’t Boil After Adding Miso Paste Related Videos Why is Miso “Healthy Food” even if it’s …

How to Make Japanese DASHI Broth Easily: Fish & Kelp Soup Stock

Boil water, add 2 ingredients and let it sit. Anybody can make a healthy Japanese traditional soup stock “Dashi” at home! Here are all details that will help you. Table of Contents What is Dashi? Ingredients for Rich Japanese Broth How to Find Good Niboshi (small dried sardines) How to Find Good Kombu (dried kelp) How to Make Japanese Dashi Broth Prepare Ingredients Boil Water and Add Ingredients Let it Sit Remove Fish and Kelp Related Videos What is Dashi? The word “Dashi(だし, 出汁)” means “extract”,”broth” or “soup stock” in Japanese. The soup stock used for Japanese Foods are mainly taken from Niboshi(にぼし,煮干,small dried sardines), Katsuo(かつお, 鰹, bonito), Kombu(こんぶ, 昆布, kelp) …

How to Make Japanese DASHI Broth Easily: Fish & Kelp Soup Stock
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