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Which Kanji is Right for Warriors?

Kanji is super complicated! Even Japanese people could make mistakes if they didn’t know about the culture behind each kanji. So, if you have no idea about it, you don’t have to feel bad at all. I’m so glad that I received a question from a viewer after a kind of long time! Thank you for contacting KansaiChick!(*’▽’) Can you help me finding the right kanji for warrior? This is the one I found on the Anime Series “Dragon Ball”. I see, this is 武. This kanji is related to “Fight”. Its common idioms are bellow. 武術家, 武道家 (bujutsuka, budouka: Martial Artist) 武闘家 (butouka: Fighter) 武士 (bushi: Samurai Warrior) 武力 (buryoku: Military …

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The Real Secret of Saiyans for Dragon Ball Super! Everyone is a Vegetable

Caulifla… is “Cauliflower”! Kale…is “Kale” as it is! Many viewers of the popular anime “Dragon Ball Super”, must realize that Saiyans’ names are based on vegetables. And that is true. Traditionally, all Saiyans’ names are related to Japanese or English names of vegetables, when born on there home planet Sadala(an Anagram of Salad). Other Saiyans: “Vegeta” is a prince so his name is literally Vegetable “Kakarot” is a Carrot “Brolly” is a Broccoli “Cabba” is a Cabbage “Raditz” is a Radish ”Bardock” is a Burdock. It’s a type of root veggie ごぼう (Gobou) in Japanese. Some names are translated differently and that made it harder to figure out the vegetable origin though… in …

The Master Roshi’s Bottle in “Dragon Ball Super”

Do you watch Dragon Ball Super(ドラゴンボール超)? I remember the original “Dragon Ball” show was on TV when I was small…but the show is still going! And Master Roshi(武天老師) is still alive! Master Roshi’s original name is 武天老師(mutenroushi) and his nickname is 亀仙人(kamesennin). The word “老師” means “Old Master”, so the translation “Master Roshi” sounds wired for me. It could be “Master Muten” …. No? Master Roshi sounds better to you? Anyway, I finally received a question from a viewer! Thank you soooo much! Question: I see some calligraphy thing on the bottle that Master Roshi was using for the Evil Containment Wave. What does is say? Let me see…Ah hah! Yes, …

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