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Japanese Kanji Joke in Anime: Charmy’s Sleeping Sheep’s One Hit “Black Clover” Part 2

Hi, Black Clover fans! I got a question about kanji in Episode 28! The big battle vs Vetto is going on there, and Charmy showed her super move “Sleeping Sheep’s Hit” again. When Charmy used her power in Ep.48, the third punch was translated differently from the last time. It didn’t say “Three hit” or “Tragedy”, but they say “Dispersion”. Do you have any insight about this? Wow! You noticed the details! I don’t think that many people catch the difference, but indeed there is the Japanese kanji joke seems to be here as you noticed! Here is the link to the blog post about the first use.  Japanese Kanji Joke …

Japanese kanji joge in Anime, Black Clover

Japanese Kanji on the Yami’s Star Festival Outfit “Black Clover”

Hello, everyone! Long time no see…! I gotta catch up what’s going on in the world…! (@_@))) Today I will write about the Japanese kanji and culture that I found in the Japanese popular Anime show “Black Clover” for my rehab. The Star Festival is coming up! And the captain Yami dressed up for it. I see some kanji here on his outfit. What does the Japanese Kanji Word on Yami’s Festival Outfit Mean? It says “暴れ牛 (abareushi)”. This is a noun that stuck two words together. 暴れる(aba-reru: Go Wild, Rampage, Rage) + 牛(ushi: Cow, Bull, Cattle) If you watch this show in Japanese with a subtitle, you may notice that …

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

“Surpass Your Limits!” in Japanese Kanji: Black Clover

Yay, I got another Japanese Kanji question from a follower! When I got this request, I noticed that asking meanings of kanji can happen in reverse! (^o^)/ This request asks me to show what this phase in english, would look like in Kanji, not the other way around. How do you write “Surpass your limits” in Japanese Kanji? This is the line that Yami always uses in Black Clover. Ah, there is an idea! Thank you for the question! I’ll surpass my limits! (‘◇’)/ “Surpass Your Limits” in Japanese Kanji First of all, it look like this “限界を超えろ” in Japanese! 限界 (genkai) を (wo) 超えろ (koero) The first letter “限” …

Kanji, Quote from Black Clover

Japanese Kanji Joke in Anime: Charmy’s Sleeping Sheep’s One Hit “Black Clover”

Charmy is a cute little girl who uses the Cotton Creation Magic for the popular Anime “Black Clover”. She’s constantly eating food and I’ve never seen her fighting seriously until this episode! In the episode 45, Charmy used her powerful magic to save her FOOD!! Then I found a Japanese kanji joke in her attack, and want to share with you! Hidden Japanese Kanji Joke in Black Clover Charmy used her strong magic “Sleeping Sheep’s One Hit”. She create huge sheep and it hit the enemy. 一撃 (ichi-geki) means “One Hit”. But there is more. Usually Japanese people use this word “一撃” to describe “the strong attack which finishes something …

Japanese kanji joke in anime

Kanji of Ki: Captain Yami’s Lecture in Black Clover

Do you watch the newer popular anime “Black Clover”? The main Character Asta’s funny manly stupidity is very lovable. By the way, we finally saw Captain Yami’s magic power, yay! F.Y.I. he is also a personal favorite of mine from this series. And also we found out that he is from a country obviously based on Japan. His first name is Sukehiro and it also sounds like Japanese. However, his last name “Yami (ヤミ)” means clearly 闇 (yami: Darkness) and he might decide the word as his last name in the Clover Kingdom after his power. Ki in Kanji: What is Ki (Qi)? Yami explained to Asta about how he …

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