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Japanese Kanji T-Shirts in “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA”

Happy Halloween! Today I’ll answer the perfect question from a follower for Halloween Day. It’s about…zombie girls…! By the way, they look like regular people when they wear the special make up. Some Girls in “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA” are wearing Kanji T-Shirts. What do they say?  Thank you for the question! Let me see…oh, OK. I see 2 girls are in Japanese Kanji Shirts. But I’ll explain all of girls’ just in case! #1 Sakura Minamoto’s T-Shirt Do you see “1” on her shirt?? Actually, this main character Sakura’s shirt was the most tricky one for me. Because they forget to write the number on her shirt constantly…! Boo! #2 …

Japanese kanji meanings in Anime

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Todoroki Shoto “My Hero Academia”

Today I’ll write about another kanji name of a character for “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”. What is the meaning of the kanji name “Shoto Todoroki”? I bet Shoto is a personal favorite, for many fans of the show.(*’▽’)☆ Thank you very much for the request! In Japanese Kanji his name looks like this 轟 焦凍. Yes, this unique white & red hair boy! Meanings of Kanji “Todoroki” His family name “轟 (Todoroki)” is kind of rare but it still exists in real life. The kanji “轟 (轟く: todoroku)” means  “A loud noise sounds and crackles.” and it’s often used for thundering expressions. This kanji is like three “車” stuck together. 車 means “Car”, “Wheel”, …

Japanese Kanji Meanings in Anime

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Shiozaki Ibara “My Hero Academia”

Today I’ll write about another kanji name of a character for “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”. Thank you so much for the request! What is the meaning of the kanji name “Ibara Shiozaki”? Hey, this is the second one from Class B! Do you remember this graceful girl everybody? Meanings of Each Kanji “Shiozaki Ibara” Her family name “塩崎 (Shiozaki)” is one of the real Japanese Last names. Yes, it exists. The first kanji “塩 (shio)” means “Salt” and the second one “崎 (saki / zaki)” means “Small Peninsula”. Her first name “茨 (Ibara)” means “Thorn”. Her quirk is “Vines” and I see thorns on her hair! That’s it! It’s very simple…but you may notice …

Japanese Kanji Meanings

“Surpass Your Limits!” in Japanese Kanji: Black Clover

Yay, I got another Japanese Kanji question from a follower! When I got this request, I noticed that asking meanings of kanji can happen in reverse! (^o^)/ This request asks me to show what this phase in english, would look like in Kanji, not the other way around. How do you write “Surpass your limits” in Japanese Kanji? This is the line that Yami always uses in Black Clover. Ah, there is an idea! Thank you for the question! I’ll surpass my limits! (‘◇’)/ “Surpass Your Limits” in Japanese Kanji First of all, it look like this “限界を超えろ” in Japanese! 限界 (genkai) を (wo) 超えろ (koero) The first letter “限” …

Kanji, Quote from Black Clover

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Toga Himiko “My Hero Academia”

I like the cute villain girl Toga Himiko for the popular Anime “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”. She is mentally sick…but lovable enough somehow. Today I’ll write about the meanings of her kanji name. Thank you so much for the request! What is the meaning of the kanji name “Himiko Toga”? When she appeared for the first time, her name was written in Katakana script “トガ ヒミコ”. Japanese people sometimes use this script to show how to pronounce his or her kanji name on official documents. I’m not sure why it was written in Katakana but I can imagine that the author wanted to hide her quirk at that point. Meanings of …

meanings of kanji name in anime

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Iida Tenya “My Hero Academia”

Choosing kanji to name your own child is big deal in Japan! And I’m glad some people are interested in that Japanese culture for Anime character’s kanji names. Thank you for the request of the explanation! What is the meaning of the kanji name “Tenya Iida”? Most of the names of characters for “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)” are presenting their quirks. But his name is a little special. Because finding out the meanings of each kanji doesn’t make any sense. Meanings of Each Kanji “Iida Tenya” His name “Iida Tenya” looks like this 飯田 天哉 in Japanese Kanji. 飯田 (Iida) is a common last name in Japan. The first kanji 飯 …

meanings of kanji name My Hero Academia

The Secret of One Punch Man: All Japanese People Notice

We are all waiting for the premiere of “One Punch Man Season 2”. But just in case you didn’t know let’s talk about the origin for the show. One Punch Man’s original Japanese title is ワンパンマン (wanpanman). “Wanpan” is  a shortened form of “One Punch” that Japanese people pronounce this English word. And there is one thing almost all Japanese people can notice about the title. When Japanese people hear the word “ワンパンマン (wanpanman)” for the first time, they doubt their ears. “Huh? Did you say Anpanman??” That’s how deeply seeded this is in Japanese pop culture. What is the Origin of One Punch Man? Yes, Anpanman was there first. Wanpanman (One Punch …

Japanese Culture behind Anime

Japanese Kanji Joke in Anime: Charmy’s Sleeping Sheep’s One Hit “Black Clover”

Charmy is a cute little girl who uses the Cotton Creation Magic for the popular Anime “Black Clover”. She’s constantly eating food and I’ve never seen her fighting seriously until this episode! In the episode 45, Charmy used her powerful magic to save her FOOD!! Then I found a Japanese kanji joke in her attack, and want to share with you! Hidden Japanese Kanji Joke in Black Clover Charmy used her strong magic “Sleeping Sheep’s One Hit”. She create huge sheep and it hit the enemy. 一撃 (ichi-geki) means “One Hit”. But there is more. Usually Japanese people use this word “一撃” to describe “the strong attack which finishes something …

Japanese kanji joke in anime

Meaning of Kanji Name: Shimura Tenko (Shigaraki Tomura) “My Hero Academia”

I got ANOTHER question about the Japanese kanji name of the character for My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)! Thank you so much. (*’▽’)  The show seems to be very popular recently. I enjoy it, too! What is the meaning of the kanji name “Tomura Shigaraki”? Shigaraki! The first request of a villain is here! Do you know him? He is the guy who usually put a “corpse hand” on his face and call it “Dad”. ((((@_@;) Ha ha ha…! It’s nicely sick! Meanings of “Shigaraki Tomura” in Japanese Kanji The name “Shigaraki Tomura” looks like 死柄木 弔 in Japanese kanji. This name seems to be the Villain Name that he gave himself …

Meanings of Japanese Kanji in Anime

Meaning of Kanji Name: Uraraka Ochako (Uravity) “My Hero Academia”

I got another question about the kanji name of the character for My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア). Can you guess whom I will talk about today! What is the meaning of the kanji name “Ochako Uraraka”? The answer is Ochako!(*´▽`*) Her quirk is “Zero Gravity”. As a Japanese name, “Ochako” is the proper spelling but I found a picture that the author spelled it “Ochaco”. Personally I like “Ochaco” too. It looks cuter…. Meanings of “Uraraka Ochako” in Japanese Kanji Ochako’s full name looks like 麗日 お茶子 in Japanese kanji. The last name “麗日 (Uraraka)” is very made up. It doesn’t exist in real life. The word “uraraka (麗らか)” means like …

meanings of kanji in Anime
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