Japanese Product Reviews

Japanese products reviews

Let’s see Japanese products available at a store or online! Kansai Chick picks Japanese products (Products made in Japan / Products originated in Japan) and give you the reviews. Don’t miss interesting Japanese trivia and more!


Sweet Snack

Reviews of Japanese related products

In Japan, the aisle of sweet snacks at supermarket is substantial. There are many kinds and the packages compete with each other and keep us engaged. The portion size is usually small. Because Japanese people love to eat various kinds of sweets little by little. We introduce popular products in Japan, always including items that are easy to get overseas.

Pocky (Glico)

Pocky(Original) Matcha Pocky Kasane Matcha Pocky

Salty Snack

salty snack banner

Jagarico (Calbee)

Salad Jagarico Cheese Jagarico Butter Jagarico

Rice Cracker (Multi Maker)

nori maki senbei review Sugar Glazed Crispy Rice Cracker Yukinoyado Review Age Ichiban (Deep Fried Rice Crackers) Review Onigiri Senbei Review Wasabi Kakinotane (wasabi flavored small rice crackers) Review

Instant Noodles in the Disposable Bowl

“Instant Noodles in a disposable bowl(カップめん)” is very big in Japan. All you need to prepare it is boiling water, and you can eat hot noodles or soup in 3 minutes.

There are Soup Types and Non-soup Types. The basic idea of any Soup Type is to pour some boiling water in the bowl, wait until it ges ready and then eat.

With the Non-Soup Types we pour some boiling water in the bowl, wait until it ges done, drain the water and then eat.

Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba (Myojo)

Ippeichan Yakisoba Ippeichan Yakisoba Shio Dare


Soy Sauce (Multi Maker) 

Kikkoman Regular Soy Sauce Review Kikkoman Tamari Soy Sauce Review Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce Review Yamasa Less Sodium Soy Sauce Review

Miso Paste (Multi Maker)