Wearing a Kanji T-Shirt is cool. But if you understand the authentic information about what you wear, you can impress everyone. On this page, you can make sure this Kanji T-Shirt is right for you.

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独身 Single Kanji T-Shirt: Basic Info

  • Japanese Kanji: 独身
  • Pronunciation: dokushin
  • Spelling Variety: dokushin, dokusin
  • Meaning: Single
  • Category: Japanese Kanji for Fun
  • Image of this Kanji Word: Freedom, Self-assertion and (on T-Shirt)Funny

It’s a very cool and funny Kanji T-Shirt. It can be a funny or ironic gift to your friend, family or even co-workers.

Japanese Kanji T-shirt image

独身 Single Kanji T-Shirt: Who Should be Wearing It

The specific image of this kanji usually applies to:

  • Single People
  • People Enjoying the Single Life
  • Single People Looking for a Partner

Japanese Kanji T-shirt image

独身 “Single” Kanji T-Shirt: Examples of Qualification

Of course anyone can wear a Kanji T-shirt. But this Japanese Kanji T-shirt is for Single Person. Here are some examples of actual people who would qualify.

  • a Single Guy Going to a Bar to Look for a Partner
  • Single People Enjoying Freedom
  • a Single Guy Who Wants to Keep a TV Remote All Day
  • a Single Person Who Wants to Explain to Somebody Why She Likes Staying Single
  • a Single Guy Looking for Japanese Girlfriend
  • a Single Girl Needs a Conversation Starter
  • People Who Came Back to the Shelf and Willing to Show off that Fact

And also this Kanji T-Shirt can be a Funny or Ironic Gift for Somebody Whom You Want to Say:

  • “Nice. You still can enjoy your freedom!(I got married though.)”
  • “Let’s stay single, man. Other guys got too busy with their wives.”
  • “Find your partner. I’m helping to advertise you.”
  • “Now, everybody knows that you’re available! “

I hope anybody, who is “Single”, owns these Japanese Kanji Clothes.

独身 “Single” Kanji T-Shirt: Designs

How to Buy Cool Kanji T-Shirt

Items and colors vary. Each Japanese Kanji has 2 choices of text colors, Black or White. And There is also a version with a KansaiChick stamp and English text (translation) available.

Buy Japanese Kanji T-shirt "Single", Black Text
Black Text
Buy Japanese Kanji T-shirt "Single", Black Text with Stamp
Black Text with
Stamp and English
Buy Japanese Kanji T-shirt "Single", White Text
White Text
Buy Japanese Kanji T-shirt "Single", White Text with Stamp
White Text with
Stamp and English

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