Wearing a Kanji T-Shirt is cool. But if you understand the authentic information about what you wear, you can impress everyone. On this page, you can make sure this Kanji Shirt is right for you.

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Motivational Japanese Kanji T-Shirt Pushing Yourself doryoku

努力 Pushing Myself Kanji Shirt: Basic Info

  • Japanese Kanji: 努力
  • Pronunciation: doryoku
  • Spelling Variety: doryoku
  • Meaning: Pushing Myself, Great Effort, Hard working, Endeavour
  • Category: Motivational Slogan
  • Image of this Kanji Word: Strong, Tough, Passionate and Diligence

Doryoku means to have diligent hard work on something you want to have a better result.

Doryoku comes first in the set of one of the most famous Japanese slogans for success, “努力(Great Effort)”,”根性(Guts)” and “忍耐(Patience)”.

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努力 Pushing Myself Kanji Shirt: Who Should be Wearing It

The specific image of this slogan usually applies to:

  • People Being Diligent or Need to Be Diligent
  • People Working Hard or Need to Work Harder
  • People Trying to Exceed His or Her Own Limit
  • People Who Have Goals to Achieve
  • People Who Want to Be Better at a Specific Thing

Japanese Kanji T-Shirt situation images

努力 Pushing Myself Kanji Shirt: Examples of Qualification

Of course anyone can wear a Kanji T-shirt. But does this Japanese shirt have a special meaning for me? Should I wear the Kanji T-Shirt “Pushing Myself”? Here are some examples of actual people who would qualify.

  • a Boy Practicing Skateboard Tricks Over and Over
  • Karate Kids Training Hard
  • a Girl Trying to Remember All Words for the Spelling Test
  • Baseball Players Training Hard to Win at Next Tournament
  • a Little Boy Learning ABCs
  • a Smoker Trying to Quit Smoking
  • a Boy Taking Piano Lessons and Practice as hard as He Can
  • a Little Boy Trying to Finish a Piece of Carrot on His Plate
  • a Baby Who Can Almost Roll Over
  • a Super Lazy Person (for a Joke)
  • a Guy Who Takes a Nap Even in the Class (for a Joke)
  • a Beautiful Girl Getting Help Easily All the Time (for a Joke)

I hope anybody, who needs motivation for a “Pushing Myself”, owns these Kanji Clothes!

努力 Pushing Myself Kanji Shirt: Designs

How to Buy Cool Kanji T-Shirt

Items and colors vary. Each Japanese Kanji has 2 choices of text colors, Black or White. And There is also a version with a KansaiChick stamp and English text (translation) available.

Black Text

Black Text with
Stamp and English

White Text

White Text with
Stamp and English

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