Wearing a Kanji T-Shirt is cool. But if you understand the authentic information about what you wear, you can impress everyone. On this page, you can make sure this Kanji Shirt is right for you.

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Japanese Kanji Shirt Hero

英雄 Hero Kanji Shirt: Basic Info

  • Japanese Kanji: 英雄
  • Pronunciation: eiyuu
  • Spelling Variety: eiyuu, eiyu
  • Meaning: Hero
  • Category: Motto
  • Image of this Kanji Word: Great, Brave and Strong-minded

The kanji word “英雄” is usually translated into “Hero” in English. Japanese dictionary explains that “英雄” is “a wise and strong man who accomplishes something that ordinary people can’t do”.

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英雄 Hero Kanji Shirt: Who Should be Wearing It

The specific image of this motto usually applies to:

  • People Who Did Something Great to Save Others
  • People Who Made Great Achievements in Sports
  • Special People Who Are Respected by Others

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英雄 Hero Kanji Shirt: Examples of Qualification

Of course anyone can wear a Kanji T-shirt. But does this Japanese shirt have a special meaning for me? Should I wear the Kanji Shirt “Hero”? Here are some examples of actual people who would qualify.

  • the Best Player in the Football Team
  • a Guy Jumped into the River to Save a Little Girl Drowning
  • a Strong Game Player Who Never Lose
  • All Volleyball Team Members that Won the Tournament
  • Firefighters
  • Awesome Dads
  • a Little Boy Giving a Hand to His Friends Whenever They Fell Down at a Playground
  • the Only Tournament Winning Martial Artist in the Dojo
  • a Doctor Who Built the First Medical Clinic in the Village
  • a Boy Who Wants to be a Hero
  • Superhero Fans
  • a Baseball Player Who Hit a Reversal Home Run at the End of the Game
  • a Student Leading Others to Fight for the Right Thing

I hope anybody, who needs to be in the “Hero”, owns these Kanji Clothes.

英雄 Hero Kanji Shirt: Designs

How to Buy Cool Kanji T-Shirt

Items and colors vary. Each Japanese Kanji has 2 choices of text colors, Black or White. And There is also a version with a KansaiChick stamp and English text (translation) available.

Japanese Kanji Shirt "Hero" Black
Black Text
Japanese Kanji Shirt "Hero" Black and Stamp
Black Text with
Stamp and English
Japanese Kanji Shirt "Hero" White
White Text
Japanese Kanji Shirt "Hero" White and Stamp
White Text with
Stamp and English

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