Wearing a Kanji T-Shirt is cool. But if you understand the authentic information about what you wear, you can impress everyone. On this page, you can make sure this Kanji T-Shirt is right for you.

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Buy Japanese Kanji T-Shirt "Company Slave"

社畜 Company Slave Kanji T-Shirt: Basic Info

  • Japanese Kanji: 社畜
  • Pronunciation: shachiku
  • Spelling Variety: shachiku, syachiku, shyachiku, shatiku, syatiku, syatiku
  • Meaning: Company Slave, Corporation Slave, Corporate Slave
  • Category: Japanese Kanji for Fun (Dark Humor, Ironic Humor)
  • Image of this Kanji Word: Pity, Miserable and (on T-Shirt)Funny

Company Slave “社畜 (shachiku)” is a modern ironic term used more recently in Japanese pop culture. It’s created as a rhyming word of 家畜(kachiku), which means “livestock”.

Wear it in Japan and everyone will know your tough situation, or know your complaining. Either way KansaiChick is not liable for anyone being able to read and understand your shirt and the resulting consequences. Enjoy!

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社畜 Company Slave Kanji T-Shirt: Who Should be Wearing It

The specific image of this kanji usually applies to:

  • Company Slaves
  • People Making Fun of Company Slavery
  • People Against Corporations that Overwork Their Employees

Japanese kanji shirt image

社畜 “Company Slave” Kanji T-Shirt: Examples of Qualification

Of course anyone can wear a Kanji T-shirt. But this Japanese shirt is for specific person. Here are some examples of actual people who would qualify.

  • a Cashier Working 10 Days Straight without Choice
  • Me   …!?(‘Д’)
  • Minimum-Wage Workers Believing That He or She Should be Evaluated Better
  • a Girl Working Double Shift without Overtime Payment
  • a Business Man Getting Only 4 Hours Sleep to Go Back to Work
  • a Worker Who Realized the Big Difference between the Recruiting Ad and the Actual Work
  • a Bank Teller Who Got a Ridicurous Pay Cut Which is Nothing to Do with Her Work
  • Workers Who Never Take Paid Vacations Even When the Benefit is Included

I hope anybody, who is “Company Slave” or against Company Slavery, owns these Japanese Kanji Clothes.

社畜 “Company Slave” Kanji Shirt: Designs

How to Buy Cool Kanji T-Shirt

Items and colors vary. Each Japanese Kanji has 2 choices of text colors, Black or White. And There is also a version with a KansaiChick stamp and English text (translation) available.

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