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Kanji shirt fans, please help me out!(‘Д’) I’m deciding on ideas for new kanji shirts. Vote for your top 3 favorites. When you have other ideas, you can write the word in English or Japanese using the other option.

The result is out! (Up Dated on Jul.1, 2018)

New kanji shirt poll result

Which kanji shirt should come out next? (up to 3)


How to Buy Cool Kanji T-Shirt

We have a list of kanji and meanings for all our Japanese Kanji T-Shirts. If you see “Learn More” button like this Learn More about this Kanji T-Shirt on the kanji that you are interested in, click or tap it! In the next page, you can learn very useful details like Japanese culture behind the kanji and some examples of actual people who would wear the Kanji T-Shirt.

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