Oh, my god. A lot of things are going on after the Moon Festival in “Shokugeki no Soma”!

Now, to save the dome, Soma decided to have a shokugeki against the 9th of the Elite 10, Eizan.  By the way, does anybody wonder about this scene??

Japanese kanji

What is the Paper that Soma is Handing to Eizan?

Soma is handing something to Eizan, right? Then, nobody explains about this at all!

If you can read a part of Japanese calligraphy in a flash and you catch what it is, you are very sophisticated Japanese.(@_@)/

Japanese kanji

…Yeah, Japanese calligraphy is super hard to read sometimes but this first kanji is “果” that I can tell. And also the situation helps to understand what it is. Ah-hah! This is a “果たし状(hatashi-jou)”. You can see the part of “た” in the picture above.

What is a Hatashi-jou(果たし状)?

果たし状 is an application for a duel(決闘:kettou, 果たし合い:hatashiai). Usually, a warrior write his or her name, the name of the person whom he or she challenge, location, date and time in this short letter. Then, if the opponent showed up, they fight until one of them would die.

This is a super old Japanese culture and I bet almost nobody writes a REAL hatashi-jou in real life today. However, everybody knows what it is, because we see it in so many cartoons or Samurai shows.

To challenge Eizan, Soma wrote a 果たし状. I don’t think one of them will die but I can tell how serious he is.

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