I’ve talked about a popular Japanese animation show “Natsume Yujin-cho(夏目友人帳)” in a previous post. And I realized the Yokais have a Flag that says “犬の会”. What is it??

I was not sure, so I researched the official information.

Japanese Kanji Flag

What is That Japanese Kanji Flag in “Natsume Yujin-cho”?

The flag is The Japanese Kanji “犬” means “Dog” and  “会” means “Meeting” or “Association” here. Therefore “犬の会” can be translated as “Dog’s Meeting” or “Dog’s Association”.

All of those Yokais are related to Natsume. Whenever they have opportunity, they gather and have a party. Then sometimes they put that flag. That means the group of Yokais call themselves “Dog Circle”.

Dogs are faithful animal. So, they recognize themselves as “Dogs of Natsume”, Yokais being ready to serve him anytime. …Most of the time they are not so useful though. I hope I can see the big horse Yokai Misuzu(三篠) doing something cool more….

Anyway, this is what that flag means. Did you know it? I didn’t know!

Japanese Kanji T-Shirt Yokai

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