Finally I received my very first question on that popular Manga/Anime show “Demon Slayer”! I heard the season 2 is coming this fall in Japan. I really hope it has a simultaneous release in the USA.(*´з`)

What does this kanji logo say? Does is mean “Demon Slayer” in Japanese?

title of Demon Slayer

It says “鬼滅の刃(Kimetsu no Yaiba)”. I can translate it to “The Sword of Demon Slay”.

Demon Slayer(鬼滅の刃): What Do Those Kanji Symbols Mean?

First of all, 鬼滅(kimetsu) is a made up word for this show but Japanese people can catch what it means easily. 鬼(oni) means “Demon” and 滅(metsu) contains meanings like “Perish”, “Destruction”, and so on. The demon slayers are trying to eradicate the demons, and the demons turn into ashes and disappear when they got beheaded. The kanji “滅” expresses the image of “destruction”, “annihilation”, and “disappearance” very well.

Demon Slayer's Kanji Title

Next, there is “の(no)” in the Japanese title. It’s written in the Japanese Hiragana script, and “の” means “of” here.

Finally, the kanji “刃(yaiba)” means “Sword” or “Blade”. This kanji can be pronounced as “ha / ba” or “yaiba”, and those pronunciations usually have slightly different meanings.

  • yaiba: Blades of swords.
  • ha/ba: Any type of blades including swords.

Demon Slayer Terms: 鬼滅(Kimetsu) and 鬼殺(Kisatsu)

In the title, the kanji 殺 could be used instead of 滅 but not. “殺” means “Kill”, and the word Kisatsu(鬼殺) is used in their original term “鬼殺隊(kisatsutai)” that means “Demon Slayers(Team)” in this show. However, if the title was “鬼殺の刃”, that image would be simply “the sword that has power to kill demons”.

On the other hand, the word “鬼滅” represents their true goal.  The kanji “滅” is also on the back of their uniform as you notice. Ummm…their kanji artist seems to need more practice to draw this kanji properly though….(+_+)

back of Demon Slayers

They are using a special term “Nichirin Sword (日輪刀: nichi-rin-tou)” for the sword that demon slayers use in the show, by the way. So, technically “鬼滅の刃” means “Nichirin Sword”, doesn’t it? BUT I think “鬼滅の刃(Kimetsu-no-yaiba)” sounds much better as title. Besides, the kanji in the title contains a lot of meanings as you learned. (‘ω’)ノ

Thank you for the question again! Keep enjoying the show!

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