the Water Cinnamon SweetsWelcome back from your Field Trip, Boruto. But his little sister is sad…because he forgot to get her souvenir…! I feel sorry for her!

Japanese people strongly tend to buy a lot of souvenirs for everybody even if they don’t ask for it. It’s a part of the culture….

the Water Cinnamon Sweets

By the way, do you know the model of the Water Clan’s famous confectionery, Mizu-Yatsuhashi?

the Model of Water Cinnamon Sweets “Yatsuhashi” Exists in Real Life!

Nama Yatsuhashi(生八ツ橋) from Kyoto
Nama Yatsuhashi(生八ツ橋) from Kyoto

Japanese kanji 水八ツ橋 (ツ is not technically kanji but katakana though.)is pronounced “Mizu-Yatsuhashi”. 水 means water.

In real life, 八ツ橋 / 八つ橋 / 八橋 / やつはし (Yatsuhashi) is very well known confectionery in Kyoto, Japan. It’s a very thin sweet cinnamon flavored rice cake and the original Yatsuhashi is a baked crispy one.

However, unbaked soft Yatsuhashi filled with bean paste is way more popular than the original one today. They are called Nama-Yatsuhashi(生八ツ橋). There are some different flavors other than just cinnamon.

If you have opportunity to travel to Kyoto, try some Nama-Yatsuhashi! It’s the model of the Water Clan’s Souvenir Sweet!

the model of the Water Clan's Souvenir Sweet

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