When I was watching “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)”, I noticed one thing. The name of the special high school is “UA” and it’s everywhere in this show.  Even the gym uniform says UA….

Japanese Kanji Meanings

However, outside of my home country Japan, how many viewers know why the school is named “UA”???

I bet so many people think “What does U.A. stand for??“. Even if so, that’s not their fault. Because the translation says that way without any explanation….(-_-;)

Why They Named the High School “UA”

Japanese Kanji Meanings

The answer is very simple. Their name is UA because it’s a school for Heroes! If you learn a little bit about Japanese Kanji, you’ll get it.

The alphabet word “UA” is a simplified pronunciation “Yuu” and “Ei”.

Japanese Kanji Meanings

As you can see, when they write the school name in Kanji, it looks like this “雄英(Yuuei)高等学校(koutougakkou: High School)”. That is the name of this school.

anime kanji meaning

And most importantly, the word “Hero” is  ”英雄(eiyuu)” in Japanese!

anime kanji meaning

Did you notice it? Yes, 2 kanjis are simply flipped to make an original school name. It’s the same sound! “AU backwards is UA”

anime kanji meaning

Hero = 英雄 → 雄英 → Yuu-ei → UA

Now you know.(*’▽’)/

Other hero schools in this show are named same way.

Shiketsu(士傑/しけつ) High School is from 傑士(kesshi/ けっし), which means “Outstanding Person”, “Great Man”, and sometimes it’s translated as “Hero”.

傑士 is not common word at all even in Japan but I think many young Japanese fans learned this word thank to this My Hero’s High School Naming Rule! (@_@)v

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Meanings of Japanese Kanji

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