Japanese Kanji Shinobi Ninja Card Game in Boruto

The new series “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS(ボルト)” has been out for a little while now. Do you like all the new character designs of the kids? At the beginning, I felt a little wired about kid’s names like Shikadai and Inojin but I got used to it.

Today I found some Japanese Kanjis on the card game that Boruto is into. It’s called “Shinobi Bout(忍バウト)”. Boruto grabbed it to play it with his friends during the school trip.

Japanese Kanji Shinobi Ninja Card Game in Boruto

What is “Shinobi Bout” the card game in Boruto

First of all, “忍(Shinobi)” is what ninjas call themselves. That’s who they are.

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I couldn’t find any official information about this card game but it looks like something similar to UNO. There are 5 sets of cards that have numbers(一:1, 二:2, 三:3…) and each set has different colors and ninja’s art style symbols, red(fire), blue(water), brown(earth), orange(lighting) or green(wind).

Japanese Kanji Shinobi Ninja Card Game in Boruto

Boruto found a special limited version of it at the water clan’s city. …The box is gold…but I have no idea what is so special and limited.

Anyway, how to play looks like regular UNO. Give some cards equally to players, draw one from the deck and place one on the pile in a certain order. I also see a special card which says “幻(maboroshi: Illusion)” and there are 5 color circles on it. I bet the card has special power like the Wild Card for UNO.

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Japanese Kanji Shinobi Ninja Card Game in Boruto

I want to see other special cards and know how they works!

By the why, where is my favorite boy Yamato who has dead fish eyes? I hope I can see him somewhere in this new show.

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