Japanese Kanji and Culture

Sai for “NARUTO” and his son Inojin for “BORUTO” can use a special ninja technique “Super Beast Scroll”.

It can make beast pictures real. So, they draw a huge bird to get a ride or tigers to let them fight.

By the way, did you know that the model of the Super Beast Scroll exist??

Super Beast Scroll is called “Chojugiga” in Japanese

If you watch the show with English subtitle, you constantly hear that Sai or Inojin says “Cho-Ju-Giga(超獣戯画)”.

The Japanese kanji “超獣戯画” means…超(super), 獣(beast), 戯画(caricature/ancient style cartoon). So, basically it fits the English name “Super Beast” Scroll.

Japanese Kanji and Culture

However, to tell the truth, it took years for me to realize their “Chojugiga” is written this way “超獣戯画”. Because the word “Chojugiga” and their drawings remind me a series of Japanese historical art scrolls “Chojugiga(鳥獣戯画)”.

Did you notice that the first letter was different in Japanese Kanji?



Both of them can pronounced as Cho-Ju-Giga(or Chou-Juu-Giga) but the first letter of the bottom one is 鳥(bird).

Model of the Super Beast Scroll “Chojugiga”

In Japan, Chojugiga(鳥獣戯画) is the thing that anybody could remember from history class.

鳥獣戯画 is a series of ancient scrolls drawn in 12th – 13th centuries. It’s also known as 鳥獣人物戯画(Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga).  It’s a set of scrolls of caricatures expressing the society at that time with animals as human beings. The sections of frog people and rabbit people are very famous.

The actual things of Chojugiga are in Kyoto, Japan. The temple Kosanji(髙山寺) has them. If you want to take a look at the drawings, follow this link.(http://www.kosanji.com/chojujinbutsugiga.html)

I miss Sai’s brush art. I hope he has more opportunities to draw with his son in BORUTO.

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