Caulifla… is “Cauliflower”!
Kale…is “Kale” as it is!

Many viewers of the popular anime “Dragon Ball Super”, must realize that Saiyans’ names are based on vegetables.

And that is true. Traditionally, all Saiyans’ names are related to Japanese or English names of vegetables, when born on there home planet Sadala(an Anagram of Salad).

Other Saiyans:

“Vegeta” is a prince so his name is literally Vegetable

“Kakarot” is a Carrot

“Brolly” is a Broccoli

“Cabba” is a Cabbage

“Raditz” is a Radish

”Bardock” is a Burdock. It’s a type of root veggie ごぼう (Gobou) in Japanese.

Some names are translated differently and that made it harder to figure out the vegetable origin though… in original Japanese, it’s very clear and obvious.

However, there is another fact that only core fans know, who ever looked up the word Saiyan.

The Word Saiyan is Anagram of “Vegetable” in Japanese

Japanese kanji “野菜” means “vegetable” and it’s pronounced “野(ya)菜(sai)”. So, guess what will happen when I flip the first kanji and second one like this ” 菜 野 “.

Yes, it’ll be “sai ya”.

In Japanese, Saiyan is called サイヤ人(saiya-jin:Saiya People) and many viewers realize the obvious “secret” and enjoy the jokes.

And also, the Japanese word 野人(ya-jin) means “wild man”, then this strong sounds fit to the crazy aggressive fighter tribe like Saiyan.

If you didn’t know, educate everybody around you!

By the way, I respect the author Akira Toriyama who chose vegetables for words that symbolize such a strong powerful race.

Let’s eat more veggies, kids!☆

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