Hey, somebody is really into Kanji T-Shirts. Nishinoya, the little libero guy for the popular volley ball animation “Haikyu!!”, loves Kanji T-Shirts! I found at least 4  times he was wearing one and all of them are “4 character idiomatic compounds” that most Japanese people know the meaning of. Let’s see them one by one!

Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #1 一騎当千

Kanji T-Shirts in Anime Haikyu!!

“一騎当千(ikki-tousen)” means that “the one warrior is as strong as 1000 warriors”. Yeah, Nishinoya has confidence!

Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #2 一刀両断

Kanji T-Shirts in Anime Haikyu!!

“一刀両断(ittou-ryoudan)” means that “cutting it in two with one blow”. This looks like expressing Nisinoya’s manly personality.

Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #3 大器晩成

Kanji T-Shirts in Anime Haikyu!!

“大器晩成(taiki-bansei)” says “the big bowl would be filled later” and that means “the person, who has the greater potential, takes more time to be matured”.

I like this one.

Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #4 全力疾走

Kanji T-Shirts in Anime Haikyu!!

“全力疾走(zenryoku-shissou)” means that “full power running”. This one is also expressing Nishinoya’s personality well.

Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #5 一網打尽

kanji meaning in anime

“一網打尽(ichimou-dajin)” means that “catching multiple prey or enemies all at once”. Some lines of the second kanji are super thin and almost invisible on his shirt. So, be careful if you try to copy it. It’s “網”.


Anyway, Kanji T-Shirts are cool and cute!

Today’s Japanese Kanji Shirt is “Guts”! This shirt will surely suit Nishinoya.

Cool Japanese Shirt

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