I like One-Punch Man. So, I know “Mob Psycho 100” written by the same author.

Well, I was not planning to talk about any kanji in Mob Psycho, but… but I can’t help it! I really want to tell somebody about one thing!

The Meaning of the Name “Arataka Reigen”

Japanese Kanji Meanings

Arataka has ZERO psychic power and that is main joke of the show. However, did you notice his name is also joke?

His name looks like this in Japanese, 霊幻 新隆 (Reigen Arataka). 霊(Spirit / Soul), 幻(Phantom / Illusion), 新(New), 隆(Flourish)…Each kanji seems to suit the guy who owns the Spirits and Such Consultation Office.

But, wait! There is another meaning that Japanese people notice in his name.

Japanese Kanji Meanings

Reigen Arataka…”Reigenarataka”…Actually, this phrase is not originally person’s name. This is supposed to be written “霊験あらたか(reigen arataka)” in Japanese.

And that means like…”the effect or the benefit of miracle power appears quickly and definitely.”!


…get it?

That’s why, his name is funny.

“Reigen-Arataka” is a phrase that we normally use like this, 霊験あらたかな神社のお守り(Reigen-Arataka na Jinja no Omamori: the Well-Effective Amulet of the Shrine).  お守り:Amulet, 神社: Shrine

Yeah, I know. He is absolutely opposite.

Japanese Kanji Meanings

By the way, the real psychic Mob’s first name is Shigeo(茂夫) and its first kanji 茂 can be pronounced “mo” and the second one 夫 can be “bu”.

In Japanese, the word “モブ(mobu: Mob)” has specific image like “whatever non-personality people in the background”.

Today’s Japanese Kanji Shirt is “社畜: Company Slave”! …Sadly, Mob is.

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