Today I’ll write about another kanji name of a character for “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”. Thank you so much for the request!

What is the meaning of the kanji name “Ibara Shiozaki”?

Hey, this is the second one from Class B! Do you remember this graceful girl everybody?

Japanese Kanji Meanings

Meanings of Each Kanji “Shiozaki Ibara”

Her family name “塩崎 (Shiozaki)” is one of the real Japanese Last names. Yes, it exists. The first kanji “塩 (shio)” means “Salt” and the second one “崎 (saki / zaki)” means “Small Peninsula”.

Her first name “茨 (Ibara)” means “Thorn”. Her quirk is “Vines” and I see thorns on her hair!

That’s it! It’s very simple…but you may notice something more about her name.

Is She Religious? Shiozaki Ibara’s Motief

Japanese Kanji Meanings

Ibara is very merciful girl and she often prays like she’s religious. Sometimes she acts like a nun.

It’s actually “Christianity” that her attitude reminds Japanese people of. A Christian missionary came to Japan in the 16th century and they say that Christianity is very big in certain regions like 九州 (Kyusyu).

Even if you are not a Christian, you may know some images of the Passion of the Christ. He was wearing a crown of thorns, they say. Here come “Thorns”!

Japanese Kanji Meanings

It was so so easy for me to figure it out until this point. However, I had no idea about why her last name is “Shiozaki”.

Then, finally I found out an interesting fact.

There is a famous active Christian missionary in Japan today. And his last name is… Shiozaki!!! This is it! Right? I hope. (‘Д’) …No? Point is it all seems very intentional on the authors part.

Anyway, whew…that was a long journey of research.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

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Today’s Japanese Kanji Shirt is “Peace”! Ibara is wishing for peace.

Japanese kanji shirt Peace

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