My favorite volleyball anime show “Haikyu!!” is now available on Netflix! And I got a question about the symbol in the show.

I found this symbol on the “Haikyu!!” sweatshirt. What does it mean?

meanings of kanji in anime show

Thank you for your question! (*´▽`*)☆ That’s is from the team banner of Karasuno high school!

The Meanings of Karasuno’s Team Slogan

In Japan, sport teams often own this kind of banner to cheer the team. Usually, volleyball teams hang those banners on the fence of the second floor in the gymnasium, which almost all schools have.

I see “烏野高校男子バレーボール部OB会” in the bottom right corner. That means, team graduates donated this banner.

meanings of kanji in anime show

The banner says 飛べ(tobe). 飛べ means “Fly!”. This is the slogan of the boys volleyball team of Karasuno high school.

meanings of kanji in anime show

Of course human beings can’t fly(飛ぶ: tobu). We can only jump(跳ぶ: tobu). However, I guess they chose that kanji and the color black on purpose because they are Karasuno(烏野: Crow-Field) High School.  Crows can fly and they are black!

If you are interested in other schools’ slogans, please check out this post.

 Club Team Slogan Banners in “Haikyu!!”

meanings of kanji in anime show

Team banners are very important to cheer the players! Look at these kids above! (*’▽’)/

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