Season 2 of “My Hero Academia” has just ended…but, don’t worry! They already announced that they are working on the next season. Yay, I love All Might…!!(*´Д`)v


By the way,

Most of the names of characters for “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)” are very abnormal. Because their names are presenting their powers.

Among them, I got shocked most by his name.


…I seriously need to talk to his parents.

Anyway, today I’ll explain all 4 kanjis in his name.

The Kanjis of Tetsutesu Tetsutesu for “My Hero Academia”

Japanese Kanji on the Character's costume

As you know, all 4 kanjis can be pronounced “てつ(tetsu)” in Japanese.

The first kanji “鉄” means “Iron”. This one is on his back of his hero costume. And, yes, its chemical symbol is “Fe” like we see on his ear cover.

The second kanji “哲” is not used alone but it has meanings “Wise and Consistent”. The example of idiom is “哲学(Philosophy)” It’s also popular kanji for boys name “哲也(てつや:Tetsuya)”, “哲哉(てつや:Tetsuya)” or “哲(さとし:Satoshi)”.

The third kanji “徹” is popular one as boys name “徹(とおる:Touru, Toru)” but it can be pronounced “tetsu” too. This kanji means “Going Through”.

The forth kanji “鐵” is the only one that I’ve never used in my life. It’s the old version of kanji “鉄”, which also means “Iron”.

OK…I still don’t understand his parents who named own son the word of exactly the same pronunciation as family name.

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