In Naruto world, written stuff is always meaningless scribbles. However, I found a readable Japanese Kanji on a document here!

The Kanji on the Document about “Class Field Trip”

Japanese Kanji Meanings and Culture

On the Konoha’s symbol, it says “修学旅行(syuugaku-ryokou)”. That is a very common event in Japanese school and normally a kid from Japan will experience a couple of times of 修学旅行s in his or her life.

So, what is THAT?

Boruto went to the water clan’s city for a school trip. That kind of “big trip for several days” is called “修学旅行” in Japanese. It was translated to “Class Field Trip” but there is a different Japanese word for ONE DAY trip, “遠足(ensoku)”

Japanese Kanji Meanings and Culture

Usually, schools in Japan provide a booklet for a trip, like this one that Hinata has in the picture above . In the booklet, you can see the list of what you need in your bag, the time schedules, the historical facts about the destination, and so on.

Yes, it’s like a travel guide book. And the booklet is called “しおり(shiori)” traditionally.

Japanese school trip

Here is a 修学旅行 photo in real life. Those students look like being at an airport. And I bet that almost all kids have their “しおり” in the bag…!

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