The training program at professional hero’s office is over! I’m satisfied to watch my favorite character Tsuyu-chan. Ribbit, ribbit. But I can’t miss this opportunity to talk about Japanese kanji!

The Battle Hero’s Motto

Uraraka’s teacher was a professional hero named Gunhead, we can see her here in his training room with other sidekicks.


So, did you notice the frame of a Japanese kanji motto on the wall?


The calligraphy on the wall behind them says 心技体(shingitai). Actually this famous motto is consist of 3 words “心(shin: mind)”, 技(gi: skill)”, “体(tai: body)”. That explains what are important for martial arts. We must train ourselves mentally, technically and physically!

Possibly some of you have seen this motto at your martial art class.

Anyway…I know, you said it Uraraka! Gunhead is so cute!(*´Д`)v

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