Kanji fans sometimes want to write some words in kanji. But it’s not easy to look up the kanji that has the correct meanings, images, and sounds.

Today, I’d like to share the question from a follower who wants to figure out how to write “Storm Sword” in Japanese kanji.

I want to get kanji about “storm sword”, as the sword I choose the kanji for “Zekken (Absolute Sword)” like the one in anime “Sword Art Online 2”.

Is “arashi no zekken” can be written with kanji “arashi(storm)”, hiragana “no”, and kanji “zekken”??

Oh, you know a lot about Japanese! What you are saying sounds very right.

Zekken in Japanese Kanji for “Sword Art Online 2”

kanji in anime

I looked up the show and found the word “Zekken”.(*’▽’)/

It’s the nickname of the girl Yuuki, who is extremely strong in “Sword Art Online 2”.

The word “Zekken” is made up only for this show, so even Japanese people have no idea about it if they don’t know the anime show. I see the translation says “Absolute Sword” as well.

In Japanese kanji, Zekken is written as “絶剣“.

The first kanji “絶” has a lot of meanings like “Disconnection”,”Rejection”, “Gap”, and so on. Then the second kanji 剣 means “Sword”. So, I can tell the author wants this word to mean “the shockingly great sword skill that exceeds common ones“.

Japanese kanji in anime shows

However, please be careful when you say the word. It’s NOT “Ze-kken(stress on Ze. kken is pronounced as a lower note than front Ze)” but “Ze-kken(stress on kken. kken is pronounced as a higher note than front Ze)”.

The former Zekken is the word any Japanese people know, and it’s totally different thing.

They are the “Zekken”s. lol

How to write “Storm Sword” in Japanese Kanji

OK, you want to write “Storm Sword” in Japanese kanji. As you say, “Arashi no Zekken” is perfect for “Storm Zekken”.

It will be “嵐の絶剣” in Japanese (Kanji and Hiragana script).

The first kanji “嵐” means “Storm”. 嵐の絶剣 is like “Zekken of Storm”. Please note that 嵐絶剣(arashi zekken) does NOT work here.

If you want to say “Storm Sword” with only kanji, you can make up the word like 嵐剣. People can imagine the sword man, who is called 嵐剣, can use the special sword skill like a storm or something.

The word 嵐剣 should be pronounced “Ranken“, by the way.

Japanese kanji in anime shows

Thank you for the question!

I hope this page helps you.(*’▽’)/


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