I love sushi! It’s very hard to find decent quality sushi in USA…but you can enjoy nice and fresh sushi everywhere in Japan.

Japanese culture

Japanese Kanji Sign of the Sushi Restaurant

In a popular animation “Assassination Classroom”, I noticed a Japanese kanji sign on a sushi restaurant where Nagisa met his divorced father.

Japanese kanji sign of the sushi restaurant

The red kanji word is 元祖(ganso: originator), the black one is 江戸前(Edo-mae: front-of-Edo). Edo is old name of Tokyo. The image of sushi that we Japanese eat at restaurants came from this Edo-mae style. It’s mainly Nigiri. (I’ve never seen Japanese people who make nigiri sushi at home! It’s restaurant food!)

And also the red square on the right side of the sign says 回転寿司(kaitenzushi: rotating sushi).

What is a “Rotating Sushi” Restaurant?

Rotating Sushi Restaurant is very common thing in Japan today. At the table, people can pick any sushi plate they like from a rotating conveyor belt.

Japanese culture

Sushi used to be very expensive. Because they were provided only by the highly experienced chefs. However, since sushi making machine and ”Rotating Sushi(回転寿司:kaitenzushi) System” got invented, sushi became way more reasonable and turned into everybody’s everyday food. 


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