Yay, I got another Japanese Kanji question from a follower! When I got this request, I noticed that asking meanings of kanji can happen in reverse! (^o^)/ This request asks me to show what this phase in english, would look like in Kanji, not the other way around.

How do you write “Surpass your limits” in Japanese Kanji? This is the line that Yami always uses in Black Clover.

Ah, there is an idea! Thank you for the question! I’ll surpass my limits! (‘◇’)/

Kanji, Quote from Black Clover

“Surpass Your Limits” in Japanese Kanji

First of all, it look like this “限界を超えろ” in Japanese!

限界 (genkai) を (wo) 超えろ (koero)

The first letter “限” is “Limit” and the second one “界” is something like “World / Area / Field”. Then, the word “限界” means “the Limits of Somebody or Something”.

超えろ is an imperative form of “超える (koeru)”. The Japanese word “超える” means “Exceed”.

Exceed your own limitations!  “Surpass Your Limits!!”

Yami’s Full Line of “Surpass Your Limits”

Kanji, Quote from Black Clover

This Yami’s famous line is cool, manly, tough, and also very funny. Because he demands others to do it Right At That Moment!

Surpassing the limits is not easy at all. Normally people need a long long time to achieve this. However he always says,


This is the full text of that line.

今 (ima : Now) ここで (kokode: Here)

Right now, right here, surpass your limits!!!

Kanji, Quote from Black Clover

If you listen to the show in Japanese, I bet you can recognize this phrase “ima kokode genkai-wo koero!”.

Let’s repeat after, Yami! (*´▽`*)

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