Koro Sensei is cute! I finally started watching “Assassination Classroom(暗殺教室:ansatsu-kyoushitsu)” Season 2. They used to focus on the yellow creature’s cuteness in last season more and I kind of miss that, but I still enjoy the story learning about the class and Mr. Karasuma’s muscles.

Students’ Calligraphy in the Assassination Classroom

Japanese kanji calligraphy

Did you notice students’ Calligraphy on the wall in the back of the classroom? All Japanese students learn and experience Japanese calligraphy in class and write theme words like seasonal words, slogans or motto.

That’s why, a classroom has calligraphy work on the wall, it’s a very common view in Japan. However, in this show, what they write is NOT common at all!! The first pic shows everyone wrote in Japanese kanji “暗殺(ansatsu)” means “Assassination”!

Japanese kanji calligraphy

And the second picture this kanji (on the back wall) “触手(syokusyu)” is “Tentacle”!!

…I bet Koro Sensei deciding on the theme for calligraphy class, but what is common is for the teacher to collect, grade, and post the calligraphy of the class on the back wall.


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