I love food festivals! In Japan, there are so many events like Moon Festival for “Shokugeki no Soma” in real life.

By the way, I realized they are using money certificates in the show. Visitors exchange their money to those “Fake Money Bills” at the special booth and they use them to pay for food in the event.

I see the price, the school emblem(遠月: Totsuki), the event name(月饗祭: Moon Festival) and Erina’s Grandpa’s Face.  The red circle stamp says “総帥之印”. That means “Stamp of Commissioner”.

Then, I’d like to talk about the largest calligraphy kanji above the price on the bill.

That’s Japanese culture “松竹梅(Shou-Chiku-Bai)”!

Japanese Kanji and Culture

What is the Pine, Bamboo and Plum on the Bill?

Pine, bamboo and Plum, the set of those 3 plants are special in Japan. We call the set of plants “松竹梅(Shou-Chiku-Bai)” and it is considered the symbol of auspicious event or lucky omen.

And also, we use those set of plants as ranking system. Usually, 松(matsu) is the highest rank. 竹(bamboo) is the middle and 梅(plum) is the lowest.

Japanese Culture: Pine Trees
松(matsu): Pine

Matsu Pine Tree is very popular plant for Traditional Japanese Landscaping. You possibly have ever seen the miniature version of it for bonsai.

Japanese Culture: Bamboo Forest
竹(take): Bamboo

I love bamboo forests. They are so beautiful. Japanese people also eat bamboo shoots! It tastes great if it’s fresh and cooked right.

Japanese Culture: Plum Tree
梅(ume): Plum

The flowers of Japanese plums are cute. They can be reddish pink or white.

松竹梅 ranking system can be anywhere in Japan. Sometimes I see it as the grade of dinner course at Japanese food restaurants, the grade of the room in Japanese Ryokan hotels or even the grade of items in Japanese video games!

Do you find any around you?

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