Shokugeki no Soma Moon Festival

The Totsuki Academy’s Food Festival in “Shokugeki no Soma” a.k.a. “Food Wars” has begun! From a small street fair to big international convention, these type of foodie events are very popular in my home country Japan!

At a small event like a local festival, we see a lot of foods called “Rank B Gourmet (B級グルメ)”. That are cheap (still pricey  though(-_-メ)) festival foods we can buy from street vendors. Just like the food they can buy at Main Avenue of Moon Festival!

So, today I’ll read Japanese kanji signs for you and show how those foods look in real life!

Real Food Photos in “Moon Festival” for Shokugeki no Soma

Picture #1 of Main Avenue, Moon Festival

SS-Main Avenue

I see some signs here. From the left, there are ちまき, ジビエ, 欧風カリー, たい焼き and 極上たこ焼き.

ちまき(Chimaki) is a traditional leaf wrapped Asian food. Usually sticky rice or rice cake is inside.

Japanese Chimaki for Boys Festival
Japanese Chimaki for Boys Festival (sweet rice cake)
Chinese Chimaki
Chinese Chimaki (sticky rice)

ジビエ is same as French word “gibier” which means “game”. I see “シカ(Deer)”, “イノシシ(Boar)” and “キジ(Pheasant)” on the menu.

欧風カリー means “European Style Curry”.

たい焼き(Taiyaki) is my favorite Japanese sweet. It’s fish shaped pastry filled with red bean paste.

Taiyaki (*´Д`)v
Taiyaki Making
Taiyaki Making

たこ焼き(Takoyaki) is “octopus ball” and it’s one of the signature food in Osaka, Japan. This one has “極上(gokujou: Superb)” at the head of the name, so I can imagine they are using high quality ingredients. I also have posted Takoyaki making videos at Kansai Chick facebook page before!


Picture #2 of Main Avenue, Moon Festival

SS-Main Avenue

I see “串打ち研究会(Kushi-uchi-kenkyuukai)” here. 串 means “Skewer”. 研究会 means “Study Group”. So, I can imagine that booth is operated by the guys studying skewering. One of the popular Japanese skewer food is 焼き鳥(Yakitori)! Oh, man, you gotta try one…!


Picture #3 of Main Avenue, Moon Festival

SS-Main AvenueI see signs from the left, 鉄板焼き, 創作やきそば 海鮮亭 / 海鮮ヤキソバ(the flag seen from backward), オーガニック料理 and ラーメン本舗 遠月家.

鉄板焼き(Teppanyaki) is Iron-Plate Cooking. I found out American people call it Hibachi. The Japanese word “Hibachi” means BRAZIER though!

やきそば / 焼きそば / ヤキソバ(Yakisoba) is stir fried noodles. It’s very popular food and Japanese people cook this dish even at home.


The sign of this booth also says 海鮮(kaisen). That means SEAFOOD! Seafood Yakisoba…Mmmmm.

オーガニック料理 is just Organic Food.

And last one is ラーメン Ramen Shop! Ramen is huge in Japan. It’s not like 25 cents soup at all! If you visit Japan, you should find a famous Ramen restaurant at least one.

Soy Sauce Ramen
Very Simple Soy Sauce Ramen

If you find more pictures of Main Avenue and you want to know the details, please let me know!


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