Today, I’ll talk about Ace’s Japanese kanji shirts in One Piece again! Young Ace was big fan of kanji shirts but he was not wearing them much between episode 498 and 503. However, I found 3 shirts at least.

I’ve already talked about the shirts and their meanings in episode 496 and 497. If you missed them, you can start from the first article linked below!

 One Piece Ep.496: Ace’s Kanji Shirts Meanings

One Piece Ep.499: Ace’s Kanji Shirt

one piece Ace kanji shirt

The kanji shirt I found in episode 499 is this pink tank. It says “狩人 (karyuudo/karyudo/kariudo)” which means “Hunter”! …Look at the huge tiger behind the kids. He can wear this shirt anytime he hunts. Well, this was my first time to see him wearing it thought.

One Piece Ep.500: Ace’s Kanji Shirt

one piece Ace kanji shirt

In the episode 500, Ace was wearing this red tank top. This is “辻斬 (tsujigiri/tujigiri)” shirt. Tsujigiri is a name of crime that often happened in Japan hundreds years ago. 辻 means “Crossroad” and 斬 means “Katana Sword Slash”.

Tsujigiri is that bad Samurai suddenly slashes innocent pedestrians for fun, robbery or to test his new sword. That’s horrifying but people, who were allowed to have swords like Samurai, were higher ranked than regular people, so they have not been accused until 1602.

Anyway, I bet that Ace didn’t know about such a dark Japanese history. He might be wearing this shirt to say “I’ll beat you up wherever and whenever I see you”.

One Piece Ep.503: Ace’s Kanji Shirt

one piece Ace kanji shirt

The kanji shirt in episode 503 is 荒野 (kouya/kohya/koya). This kanji word means “Wasteland” or “Wilderness”. I don’t know why he is wearing this shirt, but the word reminds me the “Gray Terminal” and his tough future.

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “努力 (Pushing Yourself)”! Ace is working so hard for his dream. If Ace wears my “Pushing Yourself” Shirt, he might pick something like this(Black Text, Tank, Red). (*‘∀‘)

kanji shirt tank pushing yourself

If you want to know the meanings of any Japanese kanji that you don’t see English subs for in a particular animation or live action movie, tell me “Name of the Show”, “Season and Episode #” and “the Exact Moment (Minute: Second)”!

If it’s just Japanese kanji that you see around you, like a shop sign or a tattoo, you can send me the photo as long as you are allowed to take picture of it.

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