Today, I’ll talk about Ep.497 of One Piece! Young Ace seems to be in the Japanese Kanji Shirts almost everyday. If you missed the first article about “Ace’s Kanji Shirt” series, you can jump to it from this link.

 One Piece Ep.496: Ace’s Kanji Shirts Meanings

One Piece Ep.497: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #1

young Ace and kanji shirt

Ace’s Kanji Shirt #1 in episode 497 is this orange tank. It was very hard to see whole image of the calligraphy in the show but if you are a Japanese kanji expert, you might notice that was “勝訴(shouso/shoso/syouso/syoso)”.

The word “勝訴” means “winning a lawsuit”. Yeah, I’ve seen a guy running out from a courthouse with the calligraphy in Japanese TV news. Some people do that to show the judgment quickly and clearly.

Ace was wearing this shirt right after Garp scolded him. …His appeal seemed to be accepted.

One Piece Ep.497: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #2

young Ace and kanji shirt

Second kanji shirt in episode 497 is green. It says “速攻 (sokkou/sokkoh/sokko)”. The kanji means “Quick Attack (without giving the opponent any chance)”.

Usually, sports players use this Japanese kanji idiom to talk about strategies for taking points. However Ace is obviously not. His opponents are bad guys and beasts!

One Piece Ep.497: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #3

young Ace and kanji shirt

The picture is very small but do you see it? The kanji shirt #3 is that pale yellow tank top “独立 (dokuritsu/dokuritu)”. THIS IS the perfect shirt in this scene that they moved out Dadan’s place and made their own hideout. The kanji word “独立” means “Independence”!

By the way, Luffy’s shirt also has whatever meanings in Japanese. It says “NEW TON” and that sounds like the last name of Isaac Newton. And the little joke is the pig. “Pig” or “Pork” can be pronounced “ton” in Japanese. …yeah, whatever….

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Never Give Up”! Ace is persistent! All those 3 kids are. If Ace wears my “Never Give Up” Shirt, I guess he will pick something like this(Black Text, Tank, White). Ha ha.

kanji shirt men's tank white Never Give Up

 One Piece Ep.499, 500 and 503: Ace’s Kanji Shirts Meanings

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