New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #8: May.1-June.30, 2019 

The No.1 popular kanji in this time is “猫派 (Cat Person)”!

Thank you very much to all the voters! The Cat Person shaked off Kaiju to sit the throne. That means it will be added to the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection!  Meow! (ΦωΦ)

And The No.2 goes to “怪獣 (Kaiju)“! Let’s see Kaiju can get the top of next poll! Kaiju is in this poll for a kind of long time but I see there are definitely Kaiju fans! Hang on!

The No. 3 is 犬派 (Dog Person)“. And again, originally I was planning to count the TOTAL of “猫派 (Cat Person)” and “犬派 (Dog Person)” as one set of designs. But they are way more popular than I expected, so…I counted them separately! However, I’ll make both at once! Both 猫派 and 犬派, are  out of the list!

The No.4 is “元気 (Good Spirits)”, and the No.5 is “禁煙 (No Smoking)”. OK! “Good Spirits” jumped in the front of “No Smoking”… and it stayed in the same rank again. Wait, is this a dejavu? lol

And the new choice that I had just added to the list, got the 6th place, “悪役 (Villain)”! Oh, my goodness. It IS definitely a dejavu!! Exactly same thing happened again…, which means the No.7 goes to “空手道 (Karate-dou)”, and the No.8 is “投票 (Vote)”… !! (+_+)

Thank you for voting, everybody!

I received so many “Other” original answers from the voters.

  • Hero: 英雄 shirt is here!
  • The greater serve for the lesser [“共存共栄” is close in certain way but not exactly.]
  • Deku [Copyright Violation]
  • Anime Fan: アニメファン [Not Kanji Word]
  • Despair : 絶望  I can do this one. (*’▽’)/
  • Poo [?? I’m sorry but I don’t understand what it is. I’m sure it’s not a kanji word.]
  • Shinu (die) for aggressive people: Maybe you meant “死ね!(shi-ne)”.
  • NOW DIE: I can imagine this means like “さあ、死ね”.

“Die” is popular, I see. However, this could insult all people around the person who is wearing this shirt, so I’ll not make it. Sorry…! I will add [Despair : 絶望] on my list this time! and some more…[Summer : 夏], [Sea : 海], and [Traveller : 旅人]!

 Old Polling Results

New Kanji Poll for a Japanese Shirt #9: Jul.1-Aug.31, 2019

It’s on going! Please vote today! (*’▽’)/

New choices are,

  • 絶望 (Despair): For people who can’t see bright future.
  • 夏 (Summer): For people who enjoy summer.
  • 海 (Sea): For people who love beach and ocean.
  • 旅人(Traveller): For people who love travel.

Which kanji shirt should come out next? (up to 3)


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