New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #7: Mar.1-Apr.30, 2019 

The No.1 popular kanji in this time is “大胆不敵 (Fearless)”!

Thank you very much to all the voters! The time comes once again to add to the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection!

And again, originally I was planning to count the TOTAL of “猫派 (Cat Person)” and “犬派 (Dog Person)” as one set of designs. But they are way more popular than I expected, so…let me count them separately! However, I’ll make both at once when one of them win the poll.

Well,the No.2 goes to “猫派 (Cat Person)”. And the No. 3 is “怪獣 (Kaiju)”. They were the No. 4 and 3 last time. Cat Person jumped up there from the No.4! Kaiju Fans seem to need a little more support…! Anyway, they are soooooo close!

Then, the No.4 is “犬派 (Dog Person)”! Go, dog lovers! This one is also doing very well. It jumped up 2 ranks!

The No.5 is “禁煙 (No Smoking)”. OK…it stayed in the same rank again. I’m wondering when I can make one of my personal favorites, “No Smoking” shirt. lol

And the new choice that I had just added to the list, got the 6th place, “元気 (Good Spirits)”! Not bad at all! I see people love the positive aura. (*’▽’)☆

The No.7 goes to “空手道 (Karate-dou)”, and the No.8 is “投票 (Vote)”. They stayed in the same spots…again!! (+_+) Well, just keep swimming!

Thank you for voting, everybody!

In this time, I received so many “Other” original answers from the voters.

  • Eat This: 食らえ [No Pure Kanji Word]
  • Hero: 英雄 is here!
  • Never Give Up: 不屈 is here!
  • T-Shirt: Tシャツ [Not Kanji Word]
  • MY HERO ACADEMIA [Copyright Violation]
  • Anime: アニメ [Not Kanji Word]
  • Anime lover: アニメ愛好家 [Not Pure Kanji Word]
  • Different: 異なる…個性的?
  • Villain: 悪役

Hmmm, this is tough. “Different” is interesting and I know you want to mean “I”m different from others.” However, if I translate the meaning of “Different”, it would be “個性的” or something. 個性的 means “Unique”. Unique and Different is not exactly same…. (-_-;)

Villain can be “悪党”,”悪役”, or “悪者”. I think “悪役” is the closest Japanese kanji word. 悪党 and 悪者 are more like “Bad Guy”.

 Old Polling Results

New Kanji Poll for a Japanese Shirt #8: May.1-Jun.30, 2019

It’s on going! Please vote today! (*’▽’)/

New choice is 悪役 (Villain): For people who are against heroes.

Which kanji shirt should come out next? (up to 3)