New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #6: Jan.1-Feb.28, 2019 

The No.1 popular kanji in this time is “無敵 (Invincible)”!

Whew, thank goodness. Finally it got the top after 3 times of being stuck in the Number 2 slot. Now it will come out in the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection!

 I will count the TOTAL as one set of designs.

The No.2 goes to “大胆不敵 (Fearless)”. And the No. 3 is “怪獣 (Kaiju)”. They were the No. 3 and 4 last time. Do you think one of them will win in the next poll??

Then, the No.4 is “猫派 (Cat Person)”! Wow, the new choice, that had just added, jumped up this high in its first poll! I’m so impressed.  (I said I would count the TOTAL as one set of designs “猫派 & 犬派”. Let me see, if I do so, “猫派” & “犬派” total can be the No.3 actually!)

The No.5 is “禁煙 (No Smoking)” which I’m pushing for personally. Go, “No Smoking”!(*’▽’)/

And the pair design of 猫派 is in the 6th place, “犬派 (Dog Person)” is the No. 6! Don’t give up, dog lovers! I can’t miss this Dog vs. Cat war. (/・ω・)/

The No.7 goes to “空手道 (Karate-dou)”, and the No.8 is “投票 (Vote)”. Hopefully, “Vote” gets the No.1 by 2020!

Thank you for voting, everybody!

In this time, I received so many “Other” original answers from the voters.

“Good Spirits” is owned by nobody, and I can add it to the list. Thank you very much for the idea! “Good Spirits” can be…”上機嫌”, “前向き”, or “元気” in Kanji word. 元気 suits Kanji shirt and it means “Healthy, Energetic, in Good Mood”.

Thank you for the ideas about the Anime show! But unfortunately, I can’t add them into the list. Because we are not allowed to use specific characters’ names. Thank you for understanding!

And I got another answer “KPOP”, thank you! …but I can’t write this word in Kanji! So, I’m sorry…! Thanks anyway!

 Old Polling Results

New Kanji Poll for a Japanese Shirt #7: Mar.1-Apr.30, 2019

It’s on going! Please vote today! (*’▽’)/

New choice is 元気 (Good Spirits): For energetic people in good mood.

Which kanji shirt should come out next? (up to 3)