New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #4: Oct.1 – Nov.15, 2018 

The No.1 popular kanji in this time is… “最強 (Strongest)”!

Thank you for voting, everybody! This kanji word “最強” finally did it! It jumped up to the No.1 from the 3rd place!!

Now officially “Strongest” will come out next in the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection!

Japanese Kanji shirt "Strongest"

Then, the No.2 was “無敵 (Invincible)”…again. o(‘Д’)o But 無敵 is doing great and it was so close to the No.1 for a while. I can imagine it will be the top next time…but we need to be careful! The No.3 is right behind it!

The No.3 was “反抗期 (Rebellious Phase)”. Personally I like this one a lot. 2 years old toddlers and teenagers need this shirt! lol

The No.4 was “怪獣 (Kaiju)”, and the No.5 was “大胆不敵 (Fearless)”

Oh, I see some Kaiju fans exist! (@_@)/
and 大胆不敵 has just added to the list but it’s doing fabulous!

The No.6 was “禁煙 (No Smoking)”, then the No.7 was “空手道 (Karate-dou)”.

They switched their spots. Both of them getting votes slowly but surely.

Well, let’s see what will happen by the end of the year…!

New Ideas from Voters Suggestions

This time I got 2 other ideas from voters!

Gay : It can be “同性愛者”. Supporting LGBT is important I think. However, there are so many harmful people to sexial minorities. I don’t want my kanji shirt to cause any violence, so I will not make this one. Thanks anyway!!

I’m a potato. : Hmm, I’m sorry but this phrase contains a lot of meanings and it’s too  tough to put into a kanji word…. By the way, potate is “芋” in kanji. Some mean people use the word to describe certain person like “outdated ugly looking person”, “unsophisticated person”, or “person who has a poor motor skill”.

 Old Polling Results

New Kanji Poll for a Japanese Shirt #5: Nov.16-Dec.31, 2018

On Going! Please vote today! (*’▽’)/

New choice is 投票 (Vote): For people who support Democracy.

Which kanji shirt should come out next? (up to 3)