Kakashi’s test was fun.(*‘∀‘) Now, Boruto and friends are officially ninja!

By the way, I noticed there are some Japanese Kanji on the scroll that Wasabi was using for her special Ninja Art “Cat Cloak”.

Japanese Kanji Meanings

Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll

In her scroll, we can see 3 circles contains some kanji characters. The middle one that she used was 三毛(mike) and it means “3 Colors of Fur”. It’s gone in 2nd picture because she used it.

Japanese Kanji Meanings

Other kanji letters are 斑 and 野良(They are upside down in the picture above.). 斑 means “Spots”. 野良 means “Stray” here.

Did you notice that? Apparently these kanji characters seem to represent the type of cat! The cat has 3 colors of fur is “Calico Cat”. Other 2 are “Spotted Cat” and “Stray Cat”.

I don’t know the difference between those but I’m pretty sure there are different strong points or something. Hmm, “Stray Cat” sounds wild….

Funny Fact about the Ninja Art “Cat Cloak” in Japanese

Japanese Kanji Meanings

The Ninja Art “Cat Cloak” is 猫被り(ねこかぶり, nekokaburi) in Japanese. That means “Wearing a Cat” or “Putting a Cat On”. It sounds right as the translation “Cat Cloak”, doesn’t it?

However, in fact, the phrase “Wear a Cat / Put on a Cat(猫を被る)” has a special meanings in Japan! It means…”Hide the True Personality and Pretend to be Good.” (ΦωΦ) Meow, …I didn’t do anything(hiding a fish bone).

It seems to have nothing to do with the ninja art “Cat Cloak”, but I bet the author named it after the phrase.

 Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll Part 2

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Shinobi”! That is what Ninja is.

Japanese Kanji Shirt Shinobi Ninja

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