Boruto loves burgers. We’ve seen that constantly since episode 1 of “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”.

In the Boruto’s world, there is a famous burger shop “雷バーガー (Kaminari Burger)”.

The kanji “雷 (kaminari)” means ”Thunder”. And I bet some viewers are already familiar with this one, because it is one of the Nin-jutsu element. You can see the lightning on the burger shop logo.

Meanings of Kanji Decorations in the Burger Shop

On the windows, we see the kanji “肉 (niku)” which means “Meat”.

The author seems to like rectangle kanji tags and we see them everywhere in this show, and this restaurant has some too. There are on the partitions, “牛肉” and “豚肉”.

“牛肉 (gyuu-niku)” and “豚肉 (buta-niku)” are “Beef” and “Pork”. So, in this burger shop, they serve not only beef but also pork. Or their patties might be made of 合挽 (aibiki).

Japanese Culture: What is 合挽 (aibiki) Meat?

If you go to a supermarket in Japan, you’ll find this kanji idiom “合挽” on the ground meat packages at the meat section.

合挽 means “Ground Together” and it means especially the ground meat combined beef and pork.

Aibiki : Mixture of Ground Beef and Ground Pork
ハンバーグ(hambaagu): Japanese Meatloaf-like Dish

合挽 is the most common ground meat in Japan and the Japanese meatloaf-like dish “ハンバーグ (hambaagu)” is usually made with that mixture at home.

Anyway, I want to try Kaminari Burger!

Today’s Japanese kanji shirt is “天下一 (No.1 Under Heaven)”! Kaminari Burger must be good…!

Japanese Kanji T-Shirt no1-under-heaven

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