“Assassination Classroom” (暗殺教室) is one of my favorite Anime shows! This is not a show that is talking about super powers, and almost all characters have “regular” names that could exist in real life.

Today, I’ll answer the question from a follower! (*´▽`*) Thank you for being patient!

Could you explain the meaning for characters names in “Assassination Classroom”?

OK! I received 4 characters’ names, here we go!

Meanings of Kanji Name 潮田 渚 Nagisa Shiota

meaning of Japanese kanji name in Anime

潮 (shio: Tide) 田 (ta: Rice field) 渚 (nagisa: Beach, Where the waves gather)

The kanji “田” is very common in Japanese family names.

Then, most importantly the first name Nagisa is usually GIRL’s name. Technically it can be a boy’s name but that’s very rare. Plus, his look is very girly. So, it’s very obvious in Japanese people’s eyes that the author named him to let the audience to wonder if this character is a boy or a girl.

Meanings of Kanji Name 茅野 カエデ Kaede Kayano

meaning of Japanese kanji name in Anime

茅 (kaya: Kaya) 野 (no: Field)

Kaya is a plant. It’s a main material of an ancient Japanese traditional roof Kayabukiyane(茅葺き屋根). Even now, we can see them in cultural heritage preserved areas and in limited countryside.

Kayabuki Yane : Kayabuki Roof
Kaya on the Roof

Then her first name is カエデ (Kaede). This word can be written in Kanji like this 楓. Kaede is a maple. It’s a tree we can enjoy the orange or red foliage in fall.

Today most of Japanese people have Japanese Kanji names but names can be written in a different script like ひらがな (Hiragana) or カタカナ(Katakana) especially in the fiction shows like Anime.

Her name カエデ is written in Katakana script. If you realised that other kids in this show have Kanji names, you would notice her name is special. And, yes, she was using the fake name! That could be a hint from the author.

Meanings of Kanji Name 赤羽 業 Karma Akabane

meaning of Japanese kanji name in Anime

赤 (aka: Red) 羽(hane: Wing, Feather)

I know his last name is Akabane. But I wrote “hane”. If you want to know why, you can read another article that I’m answering the question. (*´▽`*)

 Why does the Pronunciation of Japanese Kanji Change When Reading Names?

Then, his first name is…Karma. His parents put this kanji “業” for “Karma” but 業 doesn’t have such a pronunciation. But the word “Karma” could mean a Buddhist term “業因 (gouin)”. I bet his parents supposed to take the kanji from it.

Some Japanese parents name their kid very uncommon words or impossible pronunciation. I explained about that culture in another article: Japanese Kanji and Kid’s Names in “Assassination Classroom”.

 Japanese Kanji and Kid’s Names in “Assassination Classroom”

Meanings of Kanji Name 雪村 あぐり Aguri Yukimura

meaning of Japanese kanji name in Anime

雪(yuki: Snow) 村(mura: Village)

Maybe her ancestors are from a snowy village.

And her first name “あぐり (Aguri)” means “It’s enough” or “I don’t need any more”. Aguri is not common name today, but it exist in real life.

Long ago, some people had financial trouble because of too many kids in Japan. And also boys were prefered than girls as “a future worker”. And parents sometimes gave this kind of name to their kid hoping “this one is our last child.”

Aguri can be boy’s name or girl’s name. We can write it in kanji as well. (ex. 亜久里, 安久利) I think Aguri in Hiragana script “あぐり” is cute and its soft look fits this character. However, I’m not sure the author knows the meaning of her name.

Meanings of Kanji Name 烏間 惟臣 Tadaomi Karasuma

Meanings of kanji names in Anime

The kanji name 烏間 惟臣 looks a little fancy for me, but it also seems to be a very normal Japanese name. Nothing is Anime-like.

However, the real place name “Karasuma” is 烏丸. The first kanji 烏(karasu: Crow) looks very close to 鳥(tori: Bird), and 丸 is usually read “maru”. That’s why, some Japanese people misread 烏丸(karasuma) “torimaru”, by the way. That’s a typical shameful mistake. lol

The meanings of the second kanji 間 contain “Interval”, “Space”, and so on. I’m not sure the last name 烏間 exists in real life.

惟 is not so common kanji in Japan. I see it’s almost only for people’s names. It has meanings like “think”. 臣 is one of the popular tomeji for boys. Tomeji is the last kanji of the first name. 臣 means “the person who supports somebody important”.

So, this name “惟臣” is reminiscent of a thoughtful supporter. Wait a minute. It’s perfect name for his position then! lol Needless to say, the “important person” is Korosensei.(*’▽’)

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Never Give Up”! Just keep trying to get Korosensei, kids!

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