Hey, My Hero Season 4 is about to begin! (*’▽’)☆ And I got a question from a follower about another character’s name! I think people are getting excited about the new season. I haven’t received a question about this show for awhile.

Please explain the meanings of Kanji name “Eijiro(Eijirou) Kirishima” in My Hero.

Thank you for asking! (*´▽`*)/

Meanings of Japanese Kanji Yay, Kirishima is the kanji fan! lol

Japanese Kanji in Kirishima’s Room for “My Hero Academia”

The Quirk in the Kanji Name “Eijiro Kirishima”

Kirishima is a very natural Japanese family name. It exists in real life! (not like “Bakugou”. lol) However, the real Kirishima is spelled like these in Japanese kanji; 霧島(Kiri-shima: Fog-Island), 桐島(Kiri-shima: Paulownia-Island).

On the other hand, Eijiro’s last name is “切島”.

Why? Because the author changed the common name in My Hero Academia’s way! Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ Eijiro’s quirk is Hardening. When he fights, he always hardens his arms and he often shapes them like blades.

The kanji 切 means “Cut”, and it can be pronounced “kiri” in Japanese family names. So, the author replaced the first kanji to 切 for the Eijiro’s family name.

meanings of kanji name in Anime His first name is 鋭児郎(Ei-ji-rou) in Japanese kanji. Eijirou(Eijiro) also sounds natural and it exists in real life. But I’m not sure about “鋭児郎” specifically. Anyway, “Eijirou” sounds old-fashioned and manly. It suits him! (*´▽`*)

The first kanji 鋭 contains meanings like “Sharp” and “Pointed”. And 児 means “Child”, “Young Man”, and so on. The last kanji 郎 is a very popular tomeji(the last letter of the name) for boy’s name, and it means “Male”.

So, his name is like “an old-fashioned, manly, and (physically) sharp guy like a blade. Yup.

Thank you again for the question!  

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Today’s Japanese Kanji Shirt is “Guts”! Kirishima must have this shirt. lol

Japanese kanji shirt guts

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