Dabi is a mysterious character in the popular Anime “My Hero Academia”. He is a Villain who uses the blue fire. I got a question from a follower about his name!

Please explain the meanings of Kanji name “Dabi” in My Hero.

Thank you for asking! (*´▽`*)/

What Does “Dabi” Mean?

Both kanji 荼 and 毘 are not so common kanji in Japan. The meanings of the first kanji 荼 contains ”Suffering”, and the second one 毘 contains “Help” or “Save”. OK, even I didn’t know that until I looked up. (-_-;)

On the other hand, his name “Dabi” reminds Japanese adults of one thing . It’s a part of the phrase “Dabi-ni-fusu (荼毘に付す)”. Not only sound but also the Kanji are same.

This Japanese idiom “荼毘に付す(dabi-ni-fusu)” means “Cremate the Body”. ((((+_+) There is the kanji word “火葬 (kasou : Cremation) = 火(hi/ka : Fire) + 葬(houmu-ru/sou : Entomb)”. It means “Cremation” directly, but sometimes people choose the euphemism like this idiom.

The “cremation” is the most common way to bury the dead in Japan today. To burn the body, we need the high temp oven. Only strong healthy bones remain after the cremation.

I can imagine that blue is the color of the fire for cremation. We see red fires on the candle and bonfire but when the fire got enough oxygen, the color turns from red to blue. Blue fire’s temperature is way higher than red one.

Dabi is very mysterious and the author is teasing us about his background. I can’t write about the details here but I guess we will see his original name soon…! (*’▽’)/ It could be…related to somebody we know. *wink*


Thank you again for the question!


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