Hi, Kanji fans! I’ll share a question from a follower about the popular Japanese Anime show “Yowamushi Pedal” today. I like that show too!(*’▽’)☆

The jerseys in Yowamushi Pedal often have Japanese characters on them.  I was wondering if you could translate them.

OK! Yes, I can! Thank you for the question and the nice pictures! They help me a lot.(*´Д`)

Well, those kind of jerseys usually say their school names, company names, team names, and so on. I received 3 pictures this time, and I see all those names are their school’s that related to the school location. It seems that high schools are named after their location, just as it does in reality.

Let’s see one by one!

Souhoku(Sohoku) High School

meaning of Japanese kanji in Yowamushi Pedal

This is the main high school where Sakamichi is.

The kanji word 高校 means “High School”. So, 総北高校 says Souhoku High School.

There is no Souhoku area in Japan. The word is made up by the author. However, the school supposed to be in Chiba prefecture. The most part of Chiba is Bousou-peninsula(房半島).

chiba map kansaichick

The kanji 北(kita / hoku) means “North”. That’s why I can imagine this school would be located somewhere north Chiba prefecture.

Plus, the small kanji under the high school name says “自転車競技部(jitensha-kyougi-bu)”, which means the “Bicycle Racing Club”. Bicycle is “自転車” in Japanese.(*’▽’)/

Hakone Academy

meaning of Japanese kanji in Yowamushi Pedal

Hakone Academy is the biggest rival school of Sohoku. The kanji word 箱根 is “Hakone”. It’s the famous city for hot springs in Kanagawa Prefecture.

hakone map kansaichick

学園(gakuen) is usually translated as “Academy”.

Hakone Academy (Hakone Gakuen) is commonly known as 箱学(Hako-Gaku) for short in the show. So, we see “HAKO” and “GAKU” on the shoulders of jerseys.

Kyoto Fushimi High School

meaning of Japanese kanji in Yowamushi Pedal

Their shoulder says “京” and “都”, and that means “京都(Kyoto / Kyouto)”.  The same word is on the chest part as well.

伏見(Fushimi) is one of the 11 wards of Kyoto City. So, Midousuji-kun’s school must be in Fushimi ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

fushimi map kansaichick

Fushimi is known worldwide for the Fushimi Inari Taisha that has tons of red torii gates paths like these.

Japanese kanji meanings on souvenirs

By the way, the voice actor for Midousuji is from Kyoto, and his accent is soooooo genuine.(*´▽`*)d *thumb’s up*


Thanks again for the question! Enjoy the show! I really hope next season comes soon….


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