I watch My Hero Academia for All Might (オールマイト)! (*´Д`)

Well, today, I’ll talk about the kanji of his original name 八木 俊典(Yagi Toshinori). Yagi is his last name and Toshinori is his first name. …Am I only one who was shocked when I found out he is Japanese?

Man, I thought he is American.

The author loves American comics and only All Might has the look and brush strokes like American comic art in My Hero Academia comic books, and that is one of their jokes. All kids in the show say “Only he looks different as if he came from other comic!”.

Meanings of kanji in Anime

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

I’ve already talked about some other characters’ kanji names. Please check out the list on the page above. (*’▽’)/

Japanese Name of All Might: Toshinori Yagi

His first name 俊典 (Toshinori) is a common boy’s name in Japan. It’s way too normal. In this show, that tells us about the fact that he has no quirks!

However, you’ll know this common name suits All Might when you understand the meanings of kanji.

The first kanji “俊 (shun / toshi)” means “Great Person / Excellent Person”. And the second kanji is “典 (nori / ten)”. The meanings of the kanji contains “Model” and “Example”.

Meanings of kanji in Anime

So, I can tell Japanese parents name their son “俊典” to hope that he will be a great role model for others. That sounds like All Might and who he is, doesn’t it? (*’▽’)

By the way, his last name is 八木 (Yagi) and it’s also very common no-quirk Japanese family name. But, wait! There is one fact that Japanese fans notice!

Kanji and the Secret of One For All

Meanings of kanji in Anime

The last name of All Might is 八木. The kanji “八” means “8” and “木” means “Tree”.

Yes. His name contains the number 8. Does this remind you something? All Might is the 8th hero who got handed One For All. The 9th hero Deku (Midoriya Izuku: 緑谷 出久) has the sound “ku”. The kanji of 9 is “九 (ku)” but it sounds same as “久 (ku)”.

What? Too much guessing?

…Maybe, but everybody accepted the fact when the name of the 7th hero came out.

Meanings of kanji in Anime

Her name is Shimura Nana (志村 菜奈). The kanji 菜(na) and 奈(na) are nothing to do with numbers. However, the sound of her first name “Nana” is same as the number seven “七 (nana)”!

Do you agree with me now?

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

If you want to know about other character’s name, just let me know!

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

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