I got another question about the kanji name of the character for My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア). Can you guess whom I will talk about today!

What is the meaning of the kanji name “Ochako Uraraka”?

The answer is Ochako!(*´▽`*) Her quirk is “Zero Gravity”. As a Japanese name, “Ochako” is the proper spelling but I found a picture that the author spelled it “Ochaco”. Personally I like “Ochaco” too. It looks cuter….

meanings of kanji in Anime

Meanings of “Uraraka Ochako” in Japanese Kanji

Ochako’s full name looks like 麗日 お茶子 in Japanese kanji. The last name “麗日 (Uraraka)” is very made up. It doesn’t exist in real life.

The word “uraraka (麗らか)” means like “Peaceful and Wonderful”. That suits her peaceful cheerfulness. Then 日 (hi / bi / ka) means “Day”. Basically, the author put them together and forced it to be pronounced “麗 日 (Urara ka)”. It’s a Peaceful Wonderful Day!

Her first name お茶子 (Ochako / Ochaco) sounds so cute in Japanese and it suits her character too. “お茶” is nice way to say “Tea”, and the last kanji “子 (ko)” means “Child”. The kanji “子” is very common thing to put at the end of girls’ names like “恵子 (Keiko)”, “明子 (Akiko)” and so on.

meanings of kanji in Anime

That’s all for the meanings of kanji. However, about her name, the author seems to have released information about how he named her.

Official Secret of the Name “Ochako Uraraka”

First of all, I have to explain about the Japanese pronunciation of the word “Gravity”. It will be グラビティ― (Gu-ra-bi-tii).  Gurabitii is Gravity…OK? I know it’s tough to get, but all Japanese people who don’t speak English, pronounce the word that way. (+_+)

Ochaco’s quirk is Zero Gravity, so the author decided to take away the “G” from “Gravity”.

Gurabitii – G = urabitii 

Her hero name “Urabitii (Uravity)” was born this way in the author’s head.

meanings of kanji in Anime

Then he put all kanji sound like it to create the character’s name. Urabitii’s “Ura” can be a part of the word  “麗らか (Ura-raka)”. Urabitii’s “bi” can be “日 (hi / bi / ka)”.

Then Urabitii’s “tii” sounds like the English word “Tea”! Tea is ‘”お茶” in Japanese! Put “子” at the end of “お茶” and it looks like a girl’s name, Hooray!

…Now you know.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

Thank you for the question!

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Today’s Japanese Kanji Shirt is “Guts”! Ochako is cute but very gutsy! I like that.(*’▽’)

Japanese kanji shirt guts

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